Biography of Ugwu Wilson (Grace Bouy Grl)

In a solitary moment, very early in the morning as of the year 2017 when the Holy Spirit tapped me and he began to speak to me through Ephesians And he said prepare your self with the Gospel of peace, I never understood that not until he began to break it down for me.

He said When there is a discomfit in my church, in the world, among the brethren do u lift up your hands in worship or you are to administer the gospel of Christ which is the truth that will bring about genuine repentance in their heart?


That's why I call the songs I do "THE GOSPEL OF PEACE".

And that is what Gospel rap is all about, sharing testimonies of salvation, reconcilng men back to God and to their fellow brethren... Devil is fighting to silence Afro gospel rappers we must put on the whole armor and stay committed to the Assignment.

GRACE BOUY GRL is an "Afro-gospel" rapper, singer, and a Christian Youth Humanitarian Leadership Coach his commitment and passion for streets kids brought about his foundation called SAVE THE STREETS KIDS WITH GRL, He is a passionate Lover of Christ.
MR-GRL also runs an annual program called JMP (Jesus must be preached) where he goes on a Field mission work with GRL TEAM reaching out to the lost souls.

GRACE BOUY GRL whose real name is UGWU WILSON, is one of the unique gospel musicians who rap in both Nigerian English and one of her native languages (Igbo). Afrobeats, hip-hop, and dancehall are all included in his music.

GRACE BOUY GRL graduated from the Abia State University, Nigeria where he obtained his in  Microbiology.

He began to sing and rap at the young age of 14, After which he moved to the Campus where he joined a Rap team at GATEWAY INTERNATIONAL CHURCH, Going from church to church for ministrations.

The young rapper who makes wave in the Gospel Rap Music industry hails from Igbo Etiti Local Government, Area, Enugu State, Nigeria.

Mr Grl has a vision is to take the gospel on a global scale. You can connect with Ugwu Wilson via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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