Christian Poetry: Dear Soldier of Christ


Christian Poetry: Dear Soldier of Christ by Ajayi Taiwo Jesudara


Soldier of Christ.

You have fought hard and well.

You have run this race well.

You have not bowed to baal.

Your knees have remained virgin.

You have refused to break the vow, 

That you made to Christ.

Your persistence hasn’t gone unnoticed

Your ruggedity is recognized by heaven.

Your loyalty is seen by God.

Your faithful deeds are well noted.

Dear Soldier,

Do remember that you will be rewarded

Not just in heaven,

But on earth as well.

Faithful is He who has called you.

He will see you through to the very end.

Oh Soldier of Christ,

Keep keeping on.

Your rewarder is alive.

Your father has promised not to leave you.

Even when the furnace is made seven times hotter,

Bear one thing in mind:

God has gone into the furnace,

Before you.

Not a strand of your hair will be burnt.

Your body won’t be harmed in anyway

Because your Messiah is in the fire,

His presence has turned the furnace,

Into an air-conditioned abode.

You are in good hands.

Dear Soldier of Christ,

You are going to be just fine.

Christ has got your back. 

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