Lessons from the Father of the Prodigal Son

This article could also be titled the return of the prodigal because the bulk of the lessons we learn from the life of the prodigal's son's father shows up during the return.


1. He has Compassion

Why does the father run to his prodigal son?

Richmen don't run, Noblemen don't run, princes don't run, land owners don't run.....I mean they don't just run anyhow.

THE PRODIGAL RETURN: Why does this rich land-owning father run?

Because he's afraid. He's afraid that his son will run back to the filthy pig farm as a result of guilt or shame. He runs because he loves his son. And there's a special word for this love "Compassion".

So what does compassion means?

The component of action is what separates compassion from empathy, sympathy, pity, concern, condolence, sensitivity, tenderness, commiseration, or any other compassion synonym.

Compassion gets involved. When others keep their distance from those who are suffering, compassion prompts us to act on their behalf.

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