15 days of life change

 1. Wake up earlier: Waking up earlier gives you the opportunity to get prepared for the rest of the day.

2. Declutter your space: Whatever your work environment is, be it your phone or physical workspace take out time to declutter. 

Decluttering could look like sorting mails, deleting messages, responding to your messages and emails.

3. Download a productivity app: download any app that can help you with schedules and appointment.

4. Choose one good habit you want to do and commit to it.

5. Watch a ted talk: Get on youtube and watch something that will benefit your life. if possible let it be something towards your goals.

6. Say No: Today, we are making sure we are saying no to anything that can hinder our progress in any way and saying yes to ourselveves.

7. Reward yourself: it's day 7 already. give yourself a treat if you have followed through

8. Read and write your goals: get a journal and write down all your goals and read it to yourself.

9. Identify short term and long term goals: seperate short term goals from long term goal

10. Build an action plan: draft out how you will love to achieve your goal

11. No phone morning: don't scroll through your phone until you have done your morning routine

12. Practice gratitude: send a thank you message, send a love message

13. Do something daring

14. Practice love: pray  friend, pay a friend's transport fare, give to a strange

15. Sleep: Yeah, you heard well. 

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