5 Kinds of Journals You Need as a Believer



1. Love Journal

A Love Journal helps you to document your love walk with God and man. As recorded in in Matthew 22:36-40, Jesus talked about the laws of Moses and mentioned that the first great commandment is to Love God. Jesus also mentioned that the second greatest commandment was to love one another. By writing a Love Journal, you consciously decide to

2. Prayer Journal

You have likely heard that Prayer is the master key and it forms the basis of our communication with God. Since prayer means that you are talking to God and He's responding to you, would it not be a nice idea to journal what God is saying? 

Having God on demand in prayer is a very beautiful gift. we can talk to God anytime any day and hear Him respond to us. By journaling our prayers, it shows a height of intentionality with God. is

3. Bible Study Journal

While reading the Bible, it is very important to take note of events, names, locations, activities and much more that sums up the experiences of the Bible Characters and books that we read about. 

4. Prophecy Journal

Prophecies are a good way to keep track of God's promises for our lives and how well we have aligned ourselves to fulfiling those prophecies.

5. Life Journal

As believers, our lives are totally spiritual. The Bible today is a compilation (through the Holy Spirit in men) of life events and experiences of individuals from far back as the creation of the earth. By journaling your life experience, you set a pace for generations after to learn of God's goodness in your life, see th mistakes you made in your journey and help them make a solid decision to stay true to God

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