Christ's Question to You: Gospel Today Devotional - 23rd September, 2022

Haven't you heard from people how they got converted? They go as far back as telling you the date, time, and how it happened exactly. You can relate, right? This is very commendable. And I cherish the fact that they still can remember in detail how it happened. While testimonies like this must be shared, which I believe should be to stir up the faith of many other people who are listening, I equally believe that there should be a corresponding testimony that shows by the life they live that what they say is the truth, don't you agree as well?

Christ's Question to You: Gospel Today Devotional - 23rd September, 2022

You know, I can tell you I love you, and then the things I do contradict what I say, right? How can I love a person, and at the same time be envious of such a person? Do I truly love that person? It's just as though we have a marital setting right here where the husband claims to love his wife with all his heart and affirms it to her through his words, but when he gets an opportunity to beat the same woman he claims to love, he does that with so much zeal, excitement, and passion. If as a person, you were to assess that man, would you say he loved his wife so dearly as he claimed? No, you won't just as I won't either.

The same thing we shall be looking at as we continue with our study today is how we ought to by our actions live a life that is consistent with that which we utter with our mouth, the fact that we're saved, and that we've come to know the Lord, and even call him by his name. May the Lord grant you, and me sufficient understanding today. Amen. The passage of scripture to be considered is seen below,

"And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" (Luke 6:46).

Let me paint a picture for you again still using the marital setting. Imagine a man and his wife going out. On the account that he needs to impress those he sees, begins to hold the hands of his wife, says beautiful things to her, and calls her, sweetheart, the love of my life, my one, and only, etc. The man who would never get her things decides to get her a flower, just to impress people. And immediately they get home, when no one is there to see how caring he truly is, he breaks the flower vase, slaps the wife, and requests the money he used in getting those things for her.

Very mean, right? Imagine the word that comes from the mouth of his wife during that time, still weeping this, why do you pretend to love me when you do not love me? A very serious question because his action negates his claim. The same thing happening to many believers today, and just like the illustration above, many are guilty of this. Many who claim to be saved tend to do things many times that show to people their zeal, and passion for the Lord, and his work, but deep down, they disobey his instructions.

So the Lord Jesus is asking you through the scripture today, why do you call him Lord, Lord, and do not do the things which he says to do? Why do you claim to love him but refuse to forgive that brother or sister? Why is anger still kindled in your heart as a result of that misunderstanding? Why do you want to file for a divorce just because of something so little? Why the intense hatred for that person? Why are you envious of the other brother or sister? The word of the Lord comes to you today, to do that which he commands to do if truly he is your Lord. The grace to turn, and do the needful, the Lord grants to you today. Amen.

Daily Nugget: Do you claim to know and love the Lord? If yes, do you do as he commands?

Prayer: Dear, Lord, I do not just want to claim to know you or love you but that it shows in my actions what my lips utter. Let my knowledge of you and my love for you be seen in my obedience to you every instruction in Jesus' name. Amen.

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