Christian Fiction: In all my gettings, I go get money - Part 2

If you missed the first part of this story series, you can read up the first episode here.


You remember Chidi right? Our imaginary billionaire? You should by now. Chidi sat with his back to the wall like how he has seen in many foreign movies. He racked his brain continuously hoping to find a plan to awe Seun. He also put a notepad and a pen on a table before him, summoning an aura of profound seriousness.

Christian Fiction: In all my gettings, I go get money - Part 2

Chidi picked up his phone with plans to lighten up the atmosphere because everything felt and seemed too serious. He went straight to YouTube, his favorite app. He searched Darey and a list of songs popped up. He selected "Jah guide me" and vibed along to the song. As the song blared from his Bluetooth speaker, he sang along while making funny gesticulations with his body.

"Aiye kan lo wa, aiye kan no ni

I must fulfill my destiny,

In all my gettings, I go get money,

I see the blessings 'pon me now"

As he got to the eighth line, it shot an adrenaline of confidence to his heart. He smiled and it gave him another reason to disturb Seun. He raced down the stairs to Seun's favourite part of the house; his work space, the dinning room where Seun was racking his head with several codes trying to finish up an MVP for review. My non-tech inclined people, might be wondering what an MVP is. An MVP is a minimum viable product. You can read up for better understanding. Let me not bore you.

"Seun" he called out. 

Seun jolted as he wasn't expecting that and he looked up to him. Chidi grinned widely. Seun shot a glance at him and knew it wasn't for any good. Chidi started explaining the song to him and going on and on about how the universe was in his favour and actively cooperating with him. In Chidi's defence, it was a Christian song. That was another point of argument. He kept arguing till Seun left him on the spot, walking out on him.

Chidi felt defeated as he was never getting Seun to see reasons with him or be in his point of view. Chidi resumed to scrolling through his phone and found the news about the rich 19-year old that had bought very expensive cars at once. Chidi got his name and decided to look him up on Instagram. He punched "that young_rich billionaire" on his Instagram search with so much enthusiasm. He immediately found him and sent him a private message.

"Chief, you don hammer o, you be my role model. I wan make am for life like you. Your God go run am for me too." He ended the message and tapped on his send icon.

Serpent quickly swiped through his Iphone 13 pro max. He checked his Instagram to be sure he has gotten more clicks and followers. He saw Chidi's message.

"Who are you?" He replied. 

Chidi replied and within split seconds, he set up a physical meeting with Chidi. Chidi was so excited. He didn't even mention to Seun where he was going to, when he left the house. Deep down, he really wanted to prove a point to himself and Seun. 

"What do you want?" Serpent threw at the ever smiling and awed Chidi. He looked like the typical example of what little children in my land, would call "mumu". He didn't let him answer before he threw another question at him.

"Do you want to be like me or you want to join my squad?" He asked.

Chidi was carried away admiring everything he had seen. Let me try to paint a mental picture of what Chidi had seen for you. He walked into a compound that looked like the streets of Los Angeles (LA). He thought he had actually come to the city of Angels. Girls swirled everywhere, barely dressed, carrying trays of food, meat, fruits and drinks like there was a party that never ended. Fleets of cars and several young men hung around the compound. The building looked like a mini-heaven of Chidi's. As he walked in, he met Serpent all spread out covered in oil being fed with fruits while he was being treated to a full body spa and massage. This was Chidi's life. He was so close to getting what he wanted and being who he wanted to be. He grinned.

Suddenly, he was jolted from his thoughts were he was constructing how he would gist Seun about the events. 

"I want to be like you" he stammered.

Serpent dressed up quickly and asked Chidi to drive him to a particular location. Chidi couldn't believe he was driving a Lexus ES 350. He drove with shaky hands listening to Serpent reel on and on about how wealthy he'll become in split seconds. Chidi was expectant. He left home broke. He couldn't wait to return rich and awe Seun and even do giveaway for him. They arrived their destination, a much better house than Serpent's. They got in and sat in squats. They kept chatting till a man came in dressed in an expensive suit and grinned at them making a quick squat too. He didn't exchange pleasantries. He just clapped his hands thrice and Serpent started transforming into this mighty snake that had a human head. The man let out strange sounds as he laughed. He then clapped again and lights went out.

Chidi felt slimy and strong rope like things etangle his legs. He couldn't run. He didn't know anywhere. He sat still sweating profusely. Suddenly, loud sounds of "hmmmm" Ike a thud of string men marching filled the room. It occurred to Chidi that he never asked for this rich young man's name. 

"Somebody wake me up from this bad dream" Chidi said and passed out.

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  1. What he imagined versus what he got. He pursued his dreams blindly and fell into a pit.


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