Walk up to your dream girl

 Let me tell you what inspired this blog post. I am on a whatsapp group where we talk about love, life and faith all day long.

Few days ago, we talked about love and trust me it was super interesting, questions were rolling in in their numbers and answers too were rolling out. One of the things we talked about is encouraging friendship amid people of the opposite sex.

A few guys asked they how can sustain a relationship with a girl so i decided to make this blog post. Probably this is for guys, girls can also read and tell me what they think about it in the comment section.

Almost every a guy can go to a girl’s DM and say hello but usually the problem is what to say after "hello".

Well, I have some clues for you.


Whether you will see her either physically or not. You should be bold in your manner of approach. Not egoistic, just bold enough to sustain a conversation.

Man up!  Generally, girls tend to be egoistic especially when a random guy tries to approach them. However, almost every girl drips from seeing a smart, good-looking above all bold dude. Most girls claim to be sapiosexual.


Do not go beating about the bush especially if the person you want to chat up does not know you before.

Go straight to the point. Don’t just say hello if she is not online. There is a faint probability the girl will reply.

How about you say "Hello! How are you doing?

My name is Ariyo Modupeoluwa. I am a Student of Obafemi Awolowo University. I got your contact from my friend Olamide.

Are you interested in us being friends? Meanwhile I am seriously anticipating school's resumption".


It is important to find a common ground on time. Most people tend to vibe with people based on similarities.

Major reason you should make use of your bio. The description page is to talk about you or something you love. So I go to the person’s page and I see ‘faith over fear’. Most likely, the person is a believer and if you are, you’ve hit a jackpot that’s a common ground for you to start your discussion.

Example 1: Glad you are a believer I am a believer too. I’ve being listening to Dunsin Oyekan sound tracks lately.

Example 2: The person could have replied my message and said, Wow! Olamide, she didn’t tell me.

Well, I told her not to tell you. From my description, I probably could have gotten a whine too. Iwe! Shana! or something like that.

Well, we still have to keep the discussion rolling and trust me; I’ve checked her bio page, and probably it read “feminist”.

Example 3

I see you are feminist. I actually feel we are all equal. So I guess am a feminist too. (LOL)

Trust me I’ve caught her attention (she probably doesn’t remember it’s on her bio).

Therefore, she laughs and then the chat continues. For me, I check the bio page of people that chat me up. Same thing applies if you are writer, a blogger and so on.


Trust me humor doesn’t fail. If you are not humorous, it can be learnt. Hardly would you see anyone that does not appreciate humour. Be fun and interesting. Use emojis and stickers where needed. Nobody resists a funny person.

Some girls are weird though, they might not still answer you. Then you have tried and maybe that will be a motivation for you to blow (LOL). Avoid words like sister, sweetheart all this mushi words at the first instance. LOL. Tani sister eh?

I hope you now know what to say after you hello. Thank you for reading.

You have a place in my heart.

In case you know more tips that can help. Feel free to share it in the comment section.

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