How to prepare for the new month and get results

In case you have looked at your life and wondered how you used the whole year, it feels like you didn't tick anything off your goals for the year, or maybe you did but it's not enough or could be better. I understand how you feel and it's okay to feel that way.

But what if I told you that you could still achieve some of those goals before December? A lot can be achieved in 30 days. You can write a new book, grow your YouTube channel, and launch a new website but you have to carry an " anything is possible with consistency" mindset.

You can still write a book, land your dream job, make a movie, or start a podcast. That's why I wrote to you to tell you that all of these are possible. Yours is just to keep reading till the end to find out how and also benefit from my October gift to you which will be introduced later.

You can't continue to wake up every day wishing you were in a better space. It's beyond confession and affirmations. As much as confessions and affirmations are great, they can never take the place of action.

Let me put it to you, you are not afraid to start. You are afraid of something greater be it fear of inconsistency, fear of performance, fear of rejection, or fear of not making profits. According to, 90%  of startups fail. They probably were in a better place to achieve success than you are but yet they failed.

Because sometimes all you need is a friend to walk you through, check up on you, send you reminders of why you started, hold you and walk you through the path you have chosen for yourself.

This is why  I'll be taking you by the hands on a consistent journey of 30 days.

I'll send you everyday emails for the 30 days and help you keep track of your goals. This will be the best thing that will happen to you in October if you follow through.

Let me quickly tell you two things you need to achieve your most ambitious goals in october. Two great ingredients you need to enter into the month.

1. Accountability:

The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found that people have a 65% chance of completing a goal if they commit to someone. And if there’s a specific accountability appointment with an individual, such as a regularly scheduled session with a mentor or coach, those chances of success go up to 95%.

 Now, that's huge because nobody loves accountability, unfortunately, it's the breath of success. When we don't subject ourselves to accountability we set ourselves up for evil without knowing.

What is accountability? It simply means showing up for the thing you said you would do. It can be personal accountability ie accountability to yourself or external accountability( accountability to a friend, coach, mentor, or acquaintance.

This accountability we have been avoiding is clearing the touch we needed to finally achieve our goals. Everything you need to know about doing accountability well will be shared with you in the inner circle.

2. Consistency:

 Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. One thing I've noticed is for you to be respected and successful in this social media age doesn't take a lot. It only takes consistency. For you to be respected in your niche it takes one thing. Successfully put out content that shows your expertise. If you make a video per day for the next 30 days. You would have made 30 videos at the end of October and 60 videos at the end. 

In the 30-day of consistency challenge, you will be allowed to ask questions that bother you via mail.

Well, how can you go wrong with a free consistency guide that guarantees a lifetime change? Click the link here to join for free.

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  1. Let's go smash those goals.

    Accountability in many ways as helped me improve myself.

    Amazing like always

  2. Wow am moved by this 😊


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