If you’re not strongly built to hold money, you’d become a slave to it - Emmanuel Adeyemo Kakakiogbon

Adeyemo Emmanuel Oluwatosin shares his story in today's interview
If you’re not strongly built to hold money, you’d become a slave to it - Emmanuel Adeyemo Kakakiogbon

Can we meet you? Kindly tell us about yourself.

Guest: I am Adeyemo Emmanuel Oluwatosin, a lover of God, Humanity, Literature, and the Christian Stage. I am the Lead Innovator at CMRC – a hands & humanity team, and the Author of Currencies Worthier than Money.

What was your journey into Christ like? Kindly share your salvation story.

Guest: I met Jesus on the 19th of September, 2006. So, I can be very true to say I'm 16 actually. Yea - because that's the only time frame within which I have existed with relevance in heaven's record. My church's baptismal class would normally ask if you're ready and willing to follow Jesus, then you should do the needful, as you must have been taught. I had however grown amidst lots of exuberance, but there was this part of me that knew there was no essence elsewhere than in God. So, on a day like no other, just there and then, I consciously and willingly gave my life to Jesus, while others were practicing their lessons. And it's been very significant for me ever since. Although, I wasted some 3 years still trying to satisfy "self", after I had claimed to be ready to follow fully, but God's mercy brings me closer.

Kindly tell us about the work you do at CMRC.

Guest: CMRC came to conception in 2018, but the most significant activities we had had, started in 2020, when I actually began to have people catch the same vision. However, it all had started in 2016, when I began to take tutorials for undergraduates under the name CML (Chriative Minds Literati). Discovering more of what God wants to do through me expanded the revelation to what we now have as CMRC – Chriative Minds Royal Concept. It now mothers 3 brands; CML (The Literature Brand) CMR (the Royal and hand-craft brand) CMM (The media and arts brand). We altogether believe that the gift of a man makes ways for him and we trust that God through us can help young lives to discover purpose; thereby shifting their lives off the debilitating factors of youthful and daily living. This is basically through answering the questions of the mind. We achieve this by helping them to cross academic huddles, encouraging them to discovering purpose, opening their eyes to hand crafts that can keep them off delusions, frustration and depression, and helping them develop a sense of meaning to life – this is especially done with a direction towards God the maker of all lives and destinies.  We run 3 cardinal outreaches in a year to this effect; the Free Success Project – a free Jamb Preparatory and Pre-University tutorial, Hands & Humanity (hands beyond the class) project; where we expose them to skill acquisition for free, and the Anti-Suicide Campaign.

You usually address yourself as Kakakiogbon. What's the revelation behind this name?

Guest: kàkàkíỌgbọ́n is a name beyond normal horizon, to put quickly. I for one get to unravel more about it as God helps. It however came when the LORD told me that I will live by and on the WORD. He named me by Himself, and called me His Royal Trumpet. Too many persons who call me by the name do not even know that the name has inner effect on me than even my ceremonial name. Something ignites within whenever I hear the name, as it is always a beckon on purpose and what I live for – being the trumpet through who he Voice of the King's Wisdom sounds. kàkàkí itself is mere royal trumpet, but the Ọgbọ́n that begins with the only Upper case letter in the name means the Wisdom that's above all – God's own Wisdom.

kàkàkíỌgbọ́n is thus, a Royal trumpet, voicing the Wording of the King of Kings.

As a man deeply immersed in Arts, Literature and Humanity, how do you blend different phases of your life to make meaning?

Guest: This is a lot actually. And it's a beautiful problem like I'm used to saying. The life of one who is a steward of many things in one, calls for lots of working and reworking, building and rebuilding, and probably a number of lessons through falling and rising again until you thrive and get established. Well, the wisest thing that I have yet discovered is finding a convergent point for all that I do, and building a system that can accommodate them all – even in my absence. This means that I will need the gift of like-men, invest in them, and would build a system that can keep us all fulfilled in our various callings in humanity, while being faithful stewards of our gifts and potentials. This is why we have CMRC, and it's been pretty challenging (in all that that can mean). However, purpose and stewardship keep us going.

You recently wrote a book titled, "Currencies Worthier than Money". What inspired you to write this book?

Guest: While trusting God to know lots of things in the development of time, I got to understand that one strident thing that challenges men of vision and purpose is money. It often lies to many as if they must have had so much of it, before they begin to fulfill purpose. Take for instance, someone whose life only has a feel of essence when they give out to the poor, and they do not have materially what to give, or what it takes to sponsor their kindness. They feel frustrated, and 7 out of 10 would leave the vision out. If they did, they would later get money, and my have lost a lot of lives to their search for money; that they'd never know. Up to 6 out of 10, would not go back to that same vision again when they finally get that money. And those who even do, may never truly know the feeling of those they claim to help, and keep doing what they do because money makes it easy for them to do, and not necessarily with a sense of fulfilment. On the other end, I discovered that there are some investments that God has done in everyone of us, which are practically worthier than money, and can always buy the money we need, while already fulfilling purpose. This is to mean that passing through a process of becoming, and maximising those gifts that God has invested in us, is an avenue to be yet fulfilling while having a constant assurance to making true riches of heaven – obviously far blessed in the material worth of it, while possessing all that's needed for life.

6. In your book, you discussed the vanity in possessing money and the greater need for other valuable "currencies". Why did you reach this conclusion?

Guest: Well, I have seen that money is just whatever you take it for. But it makes people slaves because they were never built strong to have it. A woman met a bikeman who I know. And someway, could not keep her plight to herself, as she had never slept for 5 months. She and her husband had possessed money by terrible means. This bike man only knows Jesus, and as he said to me, he prayed and anointed the woman, and she had the first sleep in 5months. She invited the "poor" man to her luxurious house, where everything golden including rest. The fleet of cars cannot buy it, and even the young bike man would be instructed not to take a dime from her, and she would weep terribly to see how money can be nothing. God did this to confound her family. If she ever helped a million souls with her wealth, she would do from a luxury of it. But if she ever helped one person to find peace, then life would begin to make meaning to her. Apart from such instance, I have discovered that the greatest things that ever happened to me in life; including the access to the highest amount of money I ever earned, came first by access to mean who found value in one virtue that I carry or the other. Just imagine that one person had merely heard that I published a book and had credited me with multiple folds of all the publication cost of the book even before I knew it. Value commands a million-fold of what you need for life and purpose, including money. I discovered this in the place of prayer, and while reading Bishop David Oyedepo.

In our world today, it is true that there are people who are wealthy without spiritual efforts and they also lack the other currencies mentioned in your book. What is your view as regards this sir?

Guest: Found a man that is diligent in his business…? Sure, the scriptures never mentioned "a spiritual man". However, they must either be selling or giving something for value, or they must be getting their wealth in a scrupulous way' that too is most rigorous thought. However, the salient truth, is that God has never made this world a space in which you live for sole-existence, and only have all you need. If all you ever worked and live for is to feed a family and have all that they need for material satisfaction, then life has no worth. Symbolically as everyman came naked and goes naked (even some feet lower, after you may have been accessing your mansion with lift to the topmost floor). Yes, money is worth having and working for, but you may have to take a survey of wealthy men and hear them tell you the truth in how poor they feel when they cannot buy fulfilment with money. Money is not essence, it is material until it is channeled towards purpose. So, anyone can have it as much as anyone nay decide to pile papers up in tanks, and hide-outs, like a Nigerian former ruler that we all know. I guess he'd tell you lots of things money never bought for him including the love of the people he ruled over.

There's a teaching by Apostle Joshua Selman where he mentioned that "if all you have is money, you are poor". I know this relates to the centre discussion in your book. Can you shed more light on this please?

Guest: Well, I already answered from previous responses. The man of God says it all. If the richest man on earth could write a chapter of vanity after all he had (Ecclesiastes 12), then you may understand the apostle more. I for one could not do a thing at a particular instance, and I had the money to, but I just could not. I posted on my status to see who could, and I just had to delete the status after only 6 persons had seen it. Two of them already competed to help, one very popular radio personality called me after a long time, and was sincerely apologising that they were equally limited and would have wished to help. This is not money. I was practically poor with all my money, even when I had it but it takes currencies worthier than money to buy the favour of God and men, which supersedes money. Note you, money comes looking for you, and it can never lord  over you, but you'll be the one determining all that happens to money unto the glory of God.

By how far God has helped you, especially through your artistic and literary expressions, what do you think is the importance of marketplace influence in spreading the gospel?

Guest: Till now, I dearly covet God's grace for growth, influence and more virtue. I however am sure that there are mountains of influence in this world, on which we have low number of gospelers. Should we fail to possess the land, the empty giants and idolaters of this world would continue to thrive there. That is why I believe that purpose does not automatically mean that you leave the place of your expertise or professionalism. This is a market place for you, and the influence you gain there for Jesus can be so immense than what the pulpit would do. Sometimes, your stature in your sphere of influence could be the sword of Elisha (1 Kings 19:17), that would conquer the world after missing those of Hazael and Jehu in the church. The system of God (as I have discovered) is to make your light shine in the world and men come to the rising of your dawn… and gradually you see what it means to leave every other thing to become the source of light. Now you teach in school and lives are saved. Someday you feel so fulfilled and you drop it all to pick up the megaphone (yet, not lacking anything for life in all it means).

Have you ever had a down moment in the course of your journey with God? Kindly share your experience and how you passed through it.

Well, I can sincerely say there had been down moments. There were many cloudy times where God seemed to be quiet, but there is always an underpinning joy that He loves me, and that I cannot waste away in His hands. This takes me to the place of sincere prayer and I am bouncing again. In 2018, for instance, just when I should be 12 year old in faith, and basking, God made me to see a pore worth of 3years in my walk with Him. I cried was too weak to proceed, but He helped. I had also had many times praying for things, and it's really painful when I do not have them. But one thing I have discovered is nothing comes too late for me in His dealings. So, what I do is, check my sincerity before Him, go just as I am, then stay there until He helps.

What is hearing God like for you as a believer, especially as regards starting something in line with purpose?

Guest: It's often a matter of seeking, listening, getting a word in Spirit or scriptures, and waiting till everything in a particular time support that particular thing. Then I shoot. CMRC started after He had told me a lot of things with regards to the vision. He gave me a word as well "the gift of a man makes ways for Him", and after which I saw lots of lives drawing into my hands as if, they would waste if I never helped. Then, CMRC had to start and many other things in like manner.

With the steady progress you have recorded by God's grace, what big picture keeps you focused?

Guest: I see what He first showed me. I still see it till now, and whenever I see it, I know I must keep going. I see a nation of gifted and godly men, using their gifts to change the world for God.

What's your advice for believers (and unbelievers) who truly want to build wealth that lasts?

Please be rooted at the Spring of eternal waters. My advice is simply embedded in Psalms 1:1-3 which says, "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper."

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