Starting over

  Starting over is never easy.

Hey, you!

Firstly, I’m not writing this to you as a motivational speaker. You know what they say “face your fears.” “Deal with the lion” even when you are just a bird.

I’m not telling you to start over when I know it’s not possible.
I’m telling you to start over because it’s possible and you won’t crash in the process.

It might interest you to know that for this post, I had to start over until when I could relate so well to the concept of “starting over”.

I really can’t assure you that you will start over after reading this, What I can assure you is that you will be so encouraged to start over without feeling any form of guilt.

I can also assure you this will be the best piece you have read in a long while if you have a problem starting over.

I know how difficult starting over can be when the business you ventured into crashes after many years.

Worse still, the relationship you went into and expended much of your time and energy into suddenly goes down the drain.

Now, imagine being in an exam hall, and as per the brilliant person(shana) that you are, you have written a whole book down for the lecturer only to get your book wiped off.

“30 minutes more” the invigilator keeps shouting.

I mean, where do you want to start?
Surely, the vibe will first die, and you probably would have cried. 

What is the probability that you will even finish?
Even If you do, what is the probability that you will pass?

This is exactly what people mean when they say ” start over”.

All the “what ifs” of life are screaming at you.

What if it doesn’t work out?
What if you fail?
What if everything goes wrong?

But if you want to get it right by starting all over again, that’s not what you should be concentrating on. Rather, you should be thinking what if I excel? What if it comes out well? What if I just make it this time around?

One thing you must understand is that for you to start all over again, you have to let go.

Imagine you want to start a new relationship without letting go of the previous one(s).
Have you heard something like premium tears?

Another thing is we must also get the definition of “starting over” right.

Meanwhile, to talk about starting over at all, you must have had a past. A failed or abandoned the project. Whatsoever category you fall into is not even the issue.

Because sometimes starting over is the only option you have. Sometimes it’s the only way for you to achieve happiness and inner peace, the only way for you to create the life that you’ve always wanted to have.

So, even if it shatters your heart into countless tiny pieces, and even if it wrecks your hopes, you need to let go and head on.

No matter how difficult and scary it may appear to you, you need to let go of fake people, one-sided relationships toxic relationships, and everything that weighs you down.

If you don’t do that, you’ll never grow. You’ll never find out what truly makes you happy. You’ll never find out what can bring a sense of fulfillment into your life. You’ll never build the life that you deserve to have.

However, we must note our errors in our first attempt. We must know why the relationship didn’t work, we must know why our business crashed, we must know why and how we made those mistakes and be ready to amend it. We must have that holistic reflection.

We must know our flaws. Knowing our flaws will help us not to make the same mistakes again.
It will help us to correct our ways.

Do you know what?
You are most likely to succeed than to fail because there is an adrenaline rush that comes with starting over.

You know when it is a new semester or even a new year.
Ghen then!!!

New year's goals, new semester goals.
Your energy is still fresh and you’re ready to crush goals.
You have to maximize that flow of energy.

Start afresh! Start Better!

Furthermore, while starting afresh, learn more things about the subject matter. Go out of your comfort zone. Meet people with similar experiences, and meet people that have crushed their goals.

You have got this!
You have to start over because it’s the only option you have.

I believe there are a few things that you don’t necessarily need to start over. Just discard it and go for something else. That is why we need to be convinced about whatever we do. We must be able to know when to continue and when to hold back.

In all, don't give up on your dreams.

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