Biography of Pastor Miracle Femi Lazarus

Pastor Miracle Femi Lazarus (Nee Ajala) was born on January 1st. She is a Pastor, Teacher, Writer, Public Speaker, and a USA certified Relationship, Marriage and Life Coach.

Full Biography of Pastor Miracle Femi Lazarus

Popularly known as Pastor Mimie, Pastor Miracle Femi Lazarus hails from Gbogan, and is a graduate of Bowen University, Iwo. She is a Christian writer and convener of Mimie Passions where she writes on godly lifestyle and virtues She is also a jovial and loving micro-biologist. 

Pastor Miracle Femi Lazarus is happily married to her heartthrob, Apostle Femi Victor Lazarus. They tied the knot on the 12th of December, 2020 and were blessed with their first daughter (Mofifunoluwa Abigail Femi-Lazarus) on 26th November, 2021. Together, they pastor the Ibadan assembly which is the headquarters of the Sphere of Light Church.

Pastor Miracle is active on social media. You can connect with her via her official handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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