Why does Temptation come before Manifestation?

Have you ever wondered why every successful person has a story to tell? Run a check! Have you ever wondered why people who are successful in academics, ministry, finance and much more always have a story to tell?

Have you ever questioned God, as to why  you have to go through so many breaking and refining process before you can manifest ?

Many people have asked these questions over and over again but the truth is, for our light to shine, we have to go through temptation and overcome it. A period of temptation is just like a usual examination and how much you pass determines how much you shine. Unfortunately some don't even pass but have to repeat the exam.

That's why many face same challenge over and over again because they are yet  pass that exam to promote to another stage. The Bible in Mathew 4:1- 13 shows a passage which is a clear example of  challenge before manifestation,

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Jesus being the son of God has to go through the pattern laid down to manifest in our world before he could go into his ministry on earth.

Note that  he has been performing miracles, speaking word of knowledge before then but for him to shine brighter and fully he has to go to the wilderness to be tempted.

The wilderness is not necessarily mean a  forest, wilderness can be the point of loneliness, rejection and helpless.

Jesus wasn't only in the wilderness. He was tested 3 different times by the devil.

When I was studying that chapter I was asking myself that if Jesus the son of God have to go through temptation and overcome before he can manifest how much more we human.

Many of us want to manifest, want to deliver our generation, want to fullfil purpose without going through the necessary process of passing the exam that stand on the way of our manifestation.

Unfortunately, that is not possible, we can't escape the process, we just must write the exam before getting promotion to the next class.

For every realm, dimension in the spirit there is always a gate to open and before opening the gate there is always a test to pass.

In conclusion, whenever you are facing any challenges rejoice because after that challenge comes a new dimension, come a promotion, comes a blessing.

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