4 Ways to Find Hope in the Face of Hoplessness

And he said unto me, it is done. I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the water of life freely. Revelation 21:6

It is a new year! I hope it is not too late to welcome you into 2023? Blessed be God who taught your hands to war and your fingers to fight the giants in 2022.

Every new year comes with a new hope. Many people love to start each year with a new resolution, new attitudes, new zeal and all sorts. While there are many people in this category, with so much hope and happiness to continue with their resolution with the resources they have gathered in the previous year, some are just entering into the new year with no hope of how each day will go, what they will birth, they are not sure if they should plan anything, and if they plan, they are not sure whether it would be productive. But, they want to find the root of hope in the midst of their hopelessness, as long as it would worth their existence.

If you are in that category, I will like to urge you to keep on hoping, and with right decisions and steps, you will get your desired result. The Lord, who is the Alpha and Omega has promised to give unto you water of life freely. This water contains everything you want and everything you need to fulfill your kingdom purpose.

To gain momentum this new year, to achieve all that you wish to achieve with that tiny hope you have, here are some things steps you need to take, take it as a resolution for you.

1. Renew your faith

Hebrews 11:1 says, ‘now faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen’. By renewing your faith in God, you create a sense of assurance for your mind that at the end, everything will be alright. If nothing feels alright, then it is not the end. Just like we believe so much in God, we believe in his power, yet we have not seen him before. But through our faith in him, we have been able to speak and command good things into existence.

Let your faith be renewed, put all your trust in the one who is able to do all things for you without asking for anything in return, he can surround you with men that can help you see great things you can birth. Having strong belief that wonderful things will happen to and for you will cause those things to happen speedily. Therefore, work on total renewal of your faith and patiently wait (Romans 8:24-25)

2. Reject Negative thoughts and Embrace Positivity 

Leave your hurtful past completely. If you are not satisfied with how you have been approaching situations before, note what you need to change and stop beating yourself up for the mistakes you have made in the past. Rather, work on your present, even the future is too far to worry about now. Acknowledge the positive moments that God is bringing your way and let joyful memories take their space in your heart. Heaven is always rejoicing. Therefore, always strive to take part in it. Allow happiness to dwell in your heart. Whenever a negative thought pass through your mind, counter it immediately and change those negative words into positive affirmations that will help you scale through the year joyfully.

3. Focus on what you have and what is within your control.

Focus on what you can control. You can’t go back to the past and you can’t speed up your life so you could experience your future. The only thing you can focus on is your present. There is something you have that God can turn to a very useful weapon of prosperity. Check within you and around you, what do you have that you can make use of to make this year a lot more fulfilling for you. 

What you have is what God will use. In 2King 4:1-7, the widow had nothing to give to the creditor and her two sons were about to be taken as bondmen. God, through Elisha, used what she had (a pot of oil) to command her wealth into existence and she was able to have more than enough and was able to pay her debts. A pot of oil was turn into much more because she was obedient and she held unto her faith that whatsoever Elisha instructs her to do will surely come to pass. God used her pot of oil. What can God use to help you? There is a gift within you, you just need to develop it, there is something precious you have, God can turn it into so much more for you.

In Exodus 4:3, God instructed Moses to cast his rod on the ground, and the rod became a serpent. Moses was chosen to deliver his people from Egypt but had nothing, except the rod he uses for animals. God turned that rod from a mere tool used in controlling animals to a powerful tool that can perform miracle in front of Pharaoh and also direct the Israelites from the land of captivity into their promise land. Though Pharaoh has many sorcerers and magicians, a mere rod in his eyes turned to serpent and swallowed other serpents (Exodus 7:8-13). 

The essence of those Bible verses is to let you know that, for you to find that hope you want in the midst of hopelessness, God will use what you have to set you free. God will work on what you can do, multiply the little you have and make you control greater things, starting with what you have.

4. Avoid comparison

In every aspect of your journey through the year, avoid comparison. It is normal for you to look at your counterparts and check yourself out with self-pity because you cannot measure up for now. However, do not wallow in that self-pity because it has nothing to offer you except poor health, low self-esteem which will eventually result into low productivity.

Base your life on God’s vision and love for you. God has a plan to prosper you. Yours is to run your race righteously, do the best you are capable of while trusting God to get you to that promise land you desire so much. 

In conclusion, Christ is the only hope that can be found amidst hopelessness. Meditating and ssstrusting his word will lead you, believing and renewing your faith in him and his promises for you will guide you, focusing on things you can control by surrendering your past and future to God while holding unto him to walk your present with you will help you achieve your aim, and avoiding comparison at all cost even after getting what you want will give you a fulfilling end result.

Have a prosperous year ahead.


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