Lessons From The Life of Job: Gospel Today Devotional - 25th February, 2024

Whenever I think of Job, I am always amazed at how a man can endure so much and still say nothing against God. How can a man lose all he had including his children and still glorify God? It seems to me that people most times talk about Job without actually knowing what pain this man had to bear.

Lessons From The Life of Job: Gospel Today Devotional - 25th February, 2024

I hope we do remember that Job wasn't a man who was living in sin but one who feared God and eschewed evil. This was this testimony of God himself concerning Job. It is permitted therefore to say that Job was a righteous man but yet suffered unjustly if I must say and still, didn't sin against God. How many of us can go through what Job went through without sinning against God? Won't we accuse God and complain bitterly that he has abandoned us? Let's see the scripture below:

"Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him". (Job 13:15a)

Let me ask you a question, can you ever think to trust a person who tries to slay you? I would not and I am sure you would not as well. I wouldn't even walk with him not to talk of trusting him. This is a natural human tendency.

It is important to see how Job captures his trust in God. The man who had suffered unjustly and would not sin against God even if he had all reasons to be angry said he would still trust God even if he was slain by him. The question I ask Myself and would like you to ask yourself is this, will I still trust God though he slays me?

It reminds me of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who told the king that they trusted God to save them and that even if he didn't save them, they will not bow which may mean that they were going to trust him no matter the outcome. This is a challenge to us that we trust God regardless of the situation. Come what may, we would trust him. The Lord bless his words in our hearts. Amen.

Thought for the day: Will you trust God regardless of the situation?

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