Makes Plans But Let God Direct: Gospel Today Devotional - 5th January, 2023

Planning is a very good thing to do. It is popularly said to people that if you fail to plan, then you have indeed planned to fail. This is to say that planning has a very good role to play in the achievement of results.

Makes Plans But Let God Direct: Gospel Today Devotional - 5th January, 2023

Scripture as well does not oppose the idea of planning. It says to plan. Do you have a plan for the things you set out to do? It is a good thing to make plans. What then is the issue if scripture says to make plans? The issue is not with making plans but with trusting God with your plans. Let's see the passage of Scripture below:

"A man's heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps"*. (Proverbs 16:9)

It is up to you to make plans. Indeed, your devise or plan your way. You talk about the things you want to do and achieve and have them figured out. Do you know however that because you have made plans doesn't mean that you will effectively carry out what you have planned?

While planning is good, our focus for today is that our plans should be subjected to the plans of God. He alone knows how he would provide, solve the challenge, etc. We can only plan to, but God alone knows how to.

We should make plans not as though all things would go smoothly but that God leads and direct us to accomplish what we have planned. That you have even planned does not mean you know how to accomplish those plans. It is the Lord that directs even if your heart devises or plans. Hence, the need to trust him not just to bring your plans to pass but that if your plans do not align with his, he would make his own known and cause you to achieve them by his leading. The Lord bless his words in your hearts. Amen.


Thought for the day: While you make plans, you must know that God alone is the only one who can direct you to achieve those plans. Hence, trust him with your plans.

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