The Attributes of God: Gospel Today Devotional - 9th January, 2023

God be praised for his unending faithfulness. Today, we shall by his grace see something very important from scripture. You know sometimes if you are asked to describe a person, you will most probably begin by describing that person based ok certain attributes.

The Attributes of God: Gospel Today Devotional - 9th January, 2023

If he is tall, you may likely say, "Are you referring to that tall brother?" If perhaps he is light in complexion, the description would focus on his complexion. Anyway, for those who are wicked, you may likely say, "Is it not that wicked brother you are talking about?" Whichever case it is,  one thing is clear, we describe people based on who they are, what they do, and how they behave.

If this then is the case, what do we have to say about God? Who is he? What attributes define him? Can we say this is the person God is? Certainly. Scripture tells us quite a lot about him. Let's see this passage of scripture, shall we?

"For thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon thee" (Psalm 86:5).

If you must say anything about God in describing him to people, you must first know that he is good. The truth remains that some people are good only to those who are good to them. For example, you may only be able to give to those who have given to you before and ignore others but God is not like that. He is good to all (Matthew 5:44, 45). And as children of his, we must live just like him. Glory to God.

Another thing to note is that God is ready to forgive. If you would repent and call to him for help, he is ready to forgive. He will not send you away from his presence if you genuinely tell him you are sorry ( 1 John 1:9). It is this attribute of his that gives one the humbling boldness to come into his presence even when he must have erred.

Finally, God is plenteous in mercy not to some but toward all who call on him. We are still saying the same thing here, his mercy is the reason he is always ready to forgive. They are very plentiful to all who would call on him. These are but a few things we can say about God. However, it is expected that as children of God, we show these attributes in our lives as well. God bless his word in our hearts. Amen.

Thought for the day: God's goodness is not to some selected people but to all ( even the unjust). He is ever ready to forgive and plenteous in mercy to all who call on him. Why do you as his child act differently?

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