Christian Poetry: The Unprecedented King

Have you ever wondered who God is? 

Have you ever wondered how the world was created by the words of a single person? 

Have you ever wondered how the world knew about someone called ‘Jesus’?

His existence is just too deep to comprehend

He is the unprecedented King.

For unto us a child is born, unto us a child is given.

Government shall be upon his shoulder. 

His name shall be called Wonderful, 


The mighty God, 

The everlasting Father, 

The Prince of Peace.

The unprecedented King.

His reign is completely different from the previous kings

His actions, no one can compare.

Even his identity was revealed from the furnace by an uncircumcised man.

He is the unprecedented King. 

Who can stop his reign?

He does his things how he wants, when he wants, where he wants.

There is only one King that a king cannot question

He is the unprecedented King.

Someone has been in existence before the world began,

This person still exists when the world is still in existence

Same person will be in existence when the world stops existing

That person is the unprecedented King.

Mary was a testimony of who the King is

Even Elizabeth’s baby could not contain that joy.

Who is that person that John the Baptist dare not touch his shoe lace?

Simeon did not die until he saw this unprecedented King.

Have you ever wondered where your skills came from?

How about what and who kept you going after saying you’d quit for the 100th time?

Days when you woke up ever before the alarm?

All these things, a mere king is not configured to do.

Only the unprecedented King has the authority to make them happen.

I hope you will find out more about this King

I hope you will talk more about this King

I hope you will proclaim every word spoken by this King

I hope you will continue to acknowledge the reign of JESUS, the unprecedented King.

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