Christian Poetry: Who is Your Word?


Christian Poetry: Who is Your Word?

To whom shall I compare the Word?
Like a strong man on the inside, the strength of His power is revealed on the weakest days
Born out of a despair so great,
He is closest when the battle of doubt comes for you
So when the power comes, you know it is not you
Like a mantra that has been repeated over and again
The Word becomes your strong consolation
Closest on the darkest days

The Word that you have believed is active, sharp and powerful
Your Word is a strong man on the inside
Exuding capacity and resilience
And on days that you feel like you have hit rock bottom
You suddenly find that your Word is, after all, made of rock
He doesn't crack

So, when the darkness comes
Remind it
It won't last
You will come out on the other side of day
For Your Word, the Rock, is a light
It is in you
It shines still.

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