5 Lessons from the life of Ezra

In our article today, we will learn from the life of Ezra, an interesting figure in the Bible, as we find out some of the things that made him stood out among others.

Ezra was a religious leader of the Jews,who returned from exile in babylon. Ezra was a priest and a scribe, though he was not a widely known figure in the bible but he played an important role in the spiritual growth and healing of the Jewish people,Let's look at some lessons the life of Ezra thought us.

1. Stay Committed to God's Work

Ezra was a man who was committed to God's work,he puts God first in all he does,He always had his heart set to study the law of the Lord,Ezra being a committed man of God spoke of the steadfast and undying love of God (Ezra 7:28) ,He said "that hands of the Lord is upon me" and really it was. Commiting ourselves to God's work is a must do,we needed to deepen our minds and thoughts into anything Goodly,we should make out time for God, because he commits to those who commits to him.

2. Devoted to God's ways

Ezra was a man who had devoted himself to the study and observance of the Law of the Lord and to teaching God's degree and laws in Israel (Ezra 7:10) ,Ezra made sure he studied bout the Lord feverntly,he was so much devoted to the things of the Lord,that he was granted the grace of saving marriages,reading the kwa to the Israelites,not only reading the law but he explained it in a way that it was very clear. Devoting time to learn about God is necessary and essential,we need to emulate Ezra,who gave all his time to make people know more about the living God and his commands.

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3. Having mind for truth of the bible

we can vividly recount in nehimiah 8,where Ezra gathers the people of Israel to renew the convenant in Jerusalem,we should always visit the bible and make it our best friend,when he was told if the Acts of the people of Israel, including the priests and Levites,they way the descreted themselves by their detastable practices,they also took some of the daughter's of their sinful neighbors and their sons (Ezra 9:1-2) but Ezra being a man that stands for the truth of the word of God, immediately tore his cloth,knelt down and prayed to God to forgive the people,He called together the people and told them to separate from the foreign people,the people did so and finally restablish their holy lives...we must have mind to abide and live by the biblical truths.

4. Maintaining preservance

After 70 years the people were taken from Israel into exile,packing all their luggage and belongings and saying goodbye to their former life in Babylon was not an easy feat,some of the returnees were born in exile and had spent their whole lives in a foreign country,some stayed back in babylon which they had known all their lives,But those who embarked on that journey through preservance and trust in God arrived Jerusalem peacefully,They also experienced setbacks while building the temple but they maintained trust in God. As Christians, we will experience troubles,set backs,and opposition but we should remain strong in faith,have trust in God and bear in mind that he will accomplish his will in his Time.

5.) He honoured the words of the scripture

Ezra was a man who deeply honoured the scripture, and sought the law of the Lord,he regulated his life according to the teachings of the holy book,he also was a teacher,who spread words and taught the scripture to the people,Ezra meticulously studied God's words and applied it in his everyday life,we should also do so as it draws us closer to our heavenly father,Ezra had a great abd beautiful relationship with God and through that,he drew inspiration to lead the people.


We should study the book of Ezra and learn more,he lived a life worth emulating and each page of the book of Ezra gave me something new to add to my life and it's being a great experience,Go through this write up and pick one or two things and add to your daily life and watch yourself transform.

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