Biography of Evangelist Paul Michael Thank God

Popularly called, P.M THANKGOD, Evangelist Paul Micheal ThankGod was born on 20th of March 1999. He hails from the Yala Local Government Area of Cross-River State, Nigeria.
Full Biography of Evangelist Paul Michael Thank God

As an entrepreneur, missionary and evangelist, his journey began when he was taken out of the village to the city by Missionary to be educated by the age of Eight he was not longer with his parents to the city of ibadan,Oyo state Nigeria.

After his primary education and junior secondary education in the cityof ibadan,he returns back to a village to finish is secondary education,a village close to his parents,ilesha-baruba kwara state.

Born with a purpose, Evanglist ThankGod faced a lot in his journey to accomplish God’s purpose for his life. Immediately after his secondary education, he went back to his parents and from there, God began to speak to him.

He also had a different encounter in his dream like following Missionary to preach and delivery people from satanic oppression in his dream, seeing himself in the church.

So, God placed on burden in his heart could not find joy doing other things else like doing the things of God,the passion arose for do more for God and he began to do what he feel God want him to do.

Those period he came across  Missionary in the village is parents stay, Evanglist Henry and he saw how God was using him for sign and wonders and  desire it and while the pastor was stay in there village in an evening program Evanglist P.M THANKGOD. Give his life to Christ and God began to help him, his passion for God rise and began to things for God by the grace of God upon him,he began to teach  Sunday school,preach when is pastor his not around and  other assignment was given to him in his local church by the pastor Mike Nwachi.

According to what Evanglist ThankGod, he as been staying with pastor Mike from childhood and follow him to villages from age six before he left to the city.

From there, he proceeded to the city to look for green pasture after six months working a security company and other companies God spoke to him to do the work of ministry but he ask for grace for grace to be educated. In 2018 November he was admitted to the oke-ogun polytechnic saki (tops) where he study public administration. After completing his Diploma program, he proceeded to work with a ministry Oke-ogun Mission board, after a while he Left and to further his education with a Higher National Diploma Degree in Public administration.

Evanglist P.M THANKGOD is itinerant preacher and goes on outreaches and different Mission field to reach out to the unreached people group within Nigeria.

Evanglist ThankGod under mentorship of Apostle Johnson Suleman, Apostle Michael Orokpo. He came across Dr. Evangelist Ukpo Daniel for four years ago, before he began to follow him for mentorship  by him, before he Get connected with Evangelist Dr. Ukpo Daniel and submit under him.

He is currently on a Mission to Nasarawa where his Father and  mentor his based.

Evangelist ThankGod is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. You can also reach him via email here 


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