Biography of Pastor Joshua Iginla

Pastor Joshua Iginla, Senior Pastor of Champions Royal Assembly in Kubwa, Abuja, continues to be a media darling. The soft-spoken clergyman is not new to Abuja residents, and is well-known across the country. The lifestyle of the Ekiti State-born but Jos-raised pastor shows humility, contrasting with expensive gifts he doles out - sometimes to Nollywood stars - including exotic cars he donated in 2016. He denounced the title of Pastor or Prophet, preferring to be called a Brother.

Brother Iginla’s wealth comes from his chain of businesses including authorship of over 50 books and investment in automobiles. In 2016, he gave out 32 luxury cars and millions of naira. His church, an 80,000 capacity multimillion naira project which he said he started with about N250, 000 has construction work ongoing at the building called City of Wonders.

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