5 Unique Ways to Work for God Today

It is not a news that we as believers are called to a place of service, scripture enjoins us in 1 Peter 4:10 ‘’Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms’’.

There are various ways to be faithful stewards with this gifts and talents that God has bestowed us with for his kingdom and guess what, it is certainly not limited to the four walls of your church building or your church service team.

Let me tell you some unique ways you as a believer can work for God.


1. Share the Gospel on Social Media

The power and influence social media holds in our world can certainly not be over emphasized, it has it disadvantages and it most certainly has it’s advantages. The amount of influence you have with the tap of a button is incredible. As a believer, you can use social media to work for God, be loud about Jesus on all your social media platforms, share tips on your quiet time, your bible study, fasting and prayer tips. It is a great tool for evangelism and should be maximized to the fullest.

You can also volunteer to be a social media manager for your church or your fellowship, create engaging posts and videos. You can also create christocentric pages for the sake of the gospel where people can have their spirits fed.

2. Kingdom financing

It is not necessary that to serve God that you have to be seen or at the fore front of affairs. The Kingdom of God would always have needs and projects to fund, we can use our finances to advance the kingdom, you can finance evangelism outreaches, crusades and other church events such as conferences.

3. Evangelism

This is one way that every believer should serve God, we have a mandate to preach the gospel to every nation. We have an assignment to tell people about Jesus (Mark 16:15) to mention one of the many scriptures where we are commanded to preach the gospel. Evangelism should be second nature for every believer, you know how you taste a drink or a meal and can’t keep quiet about it, it’s so good that you want everyone around you to also taste it and experience it’s goodness, that’s how you should be unapologetic about preaching the gospel, Jesus is the absolute best thing to happen to anyone and he is definitely not a secret to be kept.

4. Engage in Acts of Service

As believers we are light and what light does best is shine. In your community, in your office, in your little space be kind to people. To the extent that you can lend a helping hand do so.

Organize outreaches for the less privileged, give food to the hungry. The gospel of Christ is a gospel of love and love is best shown in the kindness of our hearts and character.

5. Kingdom Service

As a believer you belong to the body of Christ and it is important that you offer your services as a steward in whatever way you can. Join a service team in your place of worship, be instrumental in helping your pastor fulfill God’s kingdom here in earth, the talents you have been given are to bless others and glorify God, your gifts are a unique way to serve the Lord.

Beyond these above listed ways, there are numerous ways to serve God. I pray that you use your gifts and talents to faithfully serve God and enhance his kingdom here on earth.



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