Christian Poetry: Heart cries

 When my heart

Become so dark with sadness,

Shine your light into my heart,

When my mouth,

 Is too heavy to speak,

Look at my heart and hear me.

When my heart,

Is so heavy with bitterness,


That weight down my trust,

Equip me with a grace that can lift me up.

When my heart begins to  shatter, 

Into many pieces,   

remind me of your word, 

So I can be whole again.  

When I feel so tired,

That I can't find a space to rest,

Remind me of your presence,

Remind me to lay my head on you.

When I'm feeling exhausted,

Strengthen me,

So I won't give up.

When I feel like too much is expected from me,

Remind me that to whom much is given,

Much is as well expected.

Remind me that I'm enough,

Remind me that I'm strong,

Remind me that I'm loved,

Remind me that I'm helped,

Remind me that I'm a champion,

Remind me not to look at things that discourage me,

Remind me not to look at people that lie to me,

Remind not to expect help from anyone,

Remind me not to feel disappointed,

And if I do, 

Help me move past it.

Remind me of how much I matter,

When I lose focus,

Redirect my focus.

Please lord,

These are my heart's cries.

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