With God, All things are Possible

But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

Impossibilities start with doubtful feeling in connection with a low self-esteem and weak faith. Many a times, what you rejected or refused to go for is yours but the spirit of doubt and a touch of ‘Do you think it is possible?’ from friends can stop you from moving any further. If God can tell you to ask with an assurance that you have received what you are asking him, it means he has a bigger plan for you to satisfy you with every good thing you want as long as it is in line with his will. 

In my first year in the university, I had a plan to apply for change of program in which I would be moving entirely out of my faculty because I don’t just feel myself in my department, I just go to school like every other persons while only studying to pass and graduate. Meanwhile I tried other schools both in my country and international, to go for the course I’ve always wanted but it has always ended in disappointment. I never knew God had a plan in a school I haven’t had time to even think about going there, not to talk of studying the course I was given because I was some points behind the cut-off point. After trying so hard for a very good grade, I decided to cross to the department I love and it turned out that they rarely release crossing form in that faculty but I decided to go for it anyway. There was no way I could attend their lectures because they are very strict and won’t allow other people to enter their lecture room. I was already getting tired as exam was fast approaching, yet no form has been released. Beside my parents, I decided to take advice from my friends or probably a word of encouragement. I was expecting words of encouragement, I got discouragement in return. Some said, ‘don’t even try it, you are just wasting your time, when was the last time they released crossing form in that faculty?’ while some said, ‘will you enjoy floating without a department and later drop out? Why do you want to waste your strong grades on something that is impossible, remember that the moment you apply online, you are out of your former department’. 

After hearing all those words, I became extremely afraid and I cried so hard, feeling like nothing else could be done and I started contemplating on what I can do with the department I was. However, in my distress, I went back to God, prayed and prayed and prayed and God said he has given me victory. With that courage and the little strength in me, I began to counter every negative opinions and I started embracing positive ones. I know it kind of sounds crazy when I knew the faculty might not release a form like the previous years but I kept on saying “They refused to release the form because it wasn’t my turn yet. Now, it’s my turn and they will surely release it soon”. Well, most of my friend started seeing me as an unserious person and of course ‘the ever weird one’ while only one of them believed it was possible. Then, boom! The form was released from that faculty while very few persons including me applied, some believed it was just a means of donating money willingly to the school and they would decline the request at the end of the day. Fortunately, to cut the story short, my request was granted, I did all the necessary things and I was selected with some other people in my department. We went to my former H.O.D (Head of Department), and he gladly released us. 

You are asking, “What about the other friends who discouraged you?” Of course some of them were sorry for discouraging me and commended my ‘not giving up’ spirit while the ones who thought I was so crazy and felt I was proud and doing beyond my capability, could not relate with me like before which is not bothering me because I so much love how God changed impossibility to possibility for me. So there was no time to hold grudges against anyone [I had exams to prepare for!]. I wrote the exams and the rest is history because God has always been in the story! And since my time, my new faculty releases form every year and increased the quota for the number of students they accept every session.

Hey! With that little story of mine, is there anything you’ve been seeking and trusting God for? Oh, you feel like it is not possible, the discouragement is becoming unbearable? Do you feel like giving up? Maybe, God has already given you a clue about it, yet people around you still makes it look like it is impossible? Do not be discouraged. Of course, with men, it is totally impossible but with God, all things, every single thing is possible.

If you allow the words of men get into your head and straight into your heart, you might not be able to pull yourself out of the weak arena and by doing that, you are giving the devil a chance to laugh at how weak you are. Everything in life is about taking risks. But as a Christian, you must take a risk that God is ready to take with you and not the one you feel like taking, because taking risks minus God will lead you into a ditch while taking risks plus God will lead you into testimony.

Sometimes, it might look as if it’s not happening anytime soon. Then, three weeks to the semester examination, it doesn’t look like anything was going to happen, it doesn’t seem like it. Just some days to the examination, I got approved. I was waiting, reading the notes for both my previous and my new departments. I don’t know how it was going to happen but it happened. It was a tough journey but God made it happen. Something wonderful and miraculous can happen to you to, only God can make it happen. Remember whatever has been approved by God, no man can disapprove.

If God is leading you to do something, while waiting for his intervention, there are things you need to do to make it happen too. Things like; preparing your heart, moving closer to God to be more certain and for more instructions, moving away from distractions and working toward making the big deal happen.

In conclusion, Impossibilities start with doubtful feeling in connection with a low self-esteem and weak faith. Do not let your heart be discouraged. With God all things are possible, and even the word IMPOSSIBLE itself, says, “I’M POSSIBLE!”


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