Movie Review: 6 Lessons From the Biopic, ENOCH

The biopic movie, "Enoch" which was released on March 2nd, 2023 has become the new rage among the Christian communities majorly because the movie was a biopic of one of the fathers of the Christian faith in Nigeria, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye.

Movie Review: 6 Lessons From the Biopic Movie, "ENOCH"

Sitting in front of my phone screen, I was one of the "anticipators" of the movie because I wanted to know what the life of God's general looked like. I heaved a meaningful sigh after watching the one hour, fifty-eight minute, forty-six second movie because the man's life got me thinking.

How could a man from the villages of Ilésà rise to become the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God? If this wasn't the finger of God raising men from the dunghill to set them amongst princes, then what could we describe it as? Was this how easily God can change the life of a man?

Many questions kept rolling in my head and mind and in summary, I was able to realise that indeed, Enoch walked with God and he was psstttt…

1. Enoch was the epitome of a determined soul

The beginning of the movie detailed the financial status of Enoch's family and in hindsight, none of the children should go to school but we got to witness Enoch's determination to get educated despite all odds. Going on a hunger strike, signing an IOU, and borrowing shoes and trousers are something any man will never wish to experience "just for education". This part helps to highlight the importance of education in the life of any man and has also taught us that we should not necessarily "pity" ourselves in whatever condition we find ourselves in.

If you want education, get it, even if it requires that you sell your favourite game console, ram or any other property.

Going further down, we saw that his father died and by the train of thoughts of a typical African, the child should stop schooling but, Enoch showed us his determination by not just stopping school but also doing well above his classmates. As Christian students, this part has taught us that no situation is worthy of cutting our dream of getting educated short. You must give yourself the permission to succeed even when it feels like the world around you is crumbling.

2. Womanising has no heavenly gain

The movie went on to detail Enoch's life in University where we got to know that he was the ladies' man. From Titi, Wura, Sandra to Bisola, Cynthia and Bimbo, he had them in all sizes, shapes and colours but at the end of it all, only the will of God (Foluke) came to pass.

This is an important message to every "ladies' man" on campus and every "guys babe" today that all of these are not and will never be incorporated into the will of God. Instead, you will only end up missing God's true vision for you and in the worst case, become jittery before your future in-laws because you're not sure if your past escapades have been discovered.

Remember that although God forgives you and forgets about your misdoings, human beings will never forget, they will always remember. So, today, make it a point of duty to cut off every God-forsaken relationship you're having.

3. Only God can bring an end to every tribulation.

No matter the tough situation you may be facing today, the story of Enoch has taught us that the only one who can make your head to tower high is the Most High God.

Other gods cannot do it, no matter how powerful they look. In fact, they may end up making your situation worse than it was. Therefore, today, make it an action point to always turn to God no matter what you face. He says, Call upon me and I will answer you, I will show you great and mighty things which you do not know. Only God can help, hold onto Him fast, never letting go.

4. Obedience always pays.

One of the highlights of the movie was the part where every member of the church was asked to clear their accounts to build a new church auditorium and only Enoch and Foluke heeded the instruction while everyone else, including the church elders, did nothing.

This part has taught us that the fastest way to prosper and to see the loins of kings open up to you is by heeding instructions no matter the level of toughness or impossibility. In today's society, if a pastor had been heard asking the church to clear their accounts, it is very probable that such a pastor would have been dragged mercilessly on Twitter and Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok users would have created skits out of it and newspapers would have written some breaking news.

However, the obedience of one man delivered a whole generation into his hands.

This is a call to every believer today that you must learn to follow the man God has placed over you with all your heart, do not be the type of member that Pastors refer to as a thorn in their flesh. Submit to your pastors, serve them with all you have and give to them for in doing so, you will be equipped to advance in life easier than your peers.

5. Let God be your Priority

Enoch's mother was ill, yet, he went out to minister, his spiritual father was on the deathbed, yet, he was out on ministerial duties. By virtue of the culture of respect we have been taught, this is unacceptable. But, this behaviour has helped us highlight the fact that nothing is more important than the cross, the message of the gospel and Christ. Our parents, our academic qualifications and our titles notwithstanding, we must learn to put God first in all that we do. Doing this will cause God to pour out upon you, the blessings which He swore to Abraham and all of his seeds.

6. Seek help when you need it

The movie helped us see how Enoch sought help from his spiritual father when he felt he had no strength in him. Today, we have a lot of Christians who want to be the macho-guy when it isn't helping at all. When God wants to lift a man, he shortens the distance between that man and the anointed. Maximise the presence of your pastors when you can and wherever you meet them because there will come a day when your pastor must leave. But if you hadn't sought help earlier, no one would be present to hold you up and you would only wait for your doom.

Taking action on all of these lessons will cause generations to come to rejoice at our lives and to make them rejoice that we came before them because indeed, eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered the hearts of men what God will do through you and for you. We shall see a multitude of people dancing, rejoicing and giving praises to God because you have come.


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