The Reality of Christianity

Living a Christian life is living a life different from the ways the world lives. There are instances of people in the world today, in our environment or locality, who we might at one point or the other acquainted with who seem to live a life of no consequences - that is a life where decisions and consequence are of little or no importance. But the Christian life is a deviation from this mode of life. And for us to live a Christian life, we must first understand what it means to be a Christian, that is our reality in Christ as a Christian.

1. A Christian life is not an assumption

You do not assume what it is or what it should be because beyond all the noises, chaos, and assumptions of the person of God going on in the world, there is an actual reality that we have in Christ. One of the major ways that the devil confuses young believers about Christianity is through rumors. Rumors of what a Christian should be, that a Christian lady must not wear trousers, and the likes. 

A core part of Christianity that we should all be aware of that would shield us from all these rumors is the death of Christ, which is a form of substitutionary work, wherein He died in our place, for the sins we were guilty of, despite being without sin himself. Anyone who believes in him would not be guilty again for those sins but renewed and granted eternal life in Christ Jesus. (Romans 5:8-9, Romans 8 vs 32).

2. There is a template for the Christian life 

The Father has a template for which he expects any man who seeks to know, worship, and fellowship with him. According to John 14 vs 6, Jesus made us understand that he is the way, the truth, and the life. That is no one can come to the knowledge and fellowship with the father except through him. Here, it should be noted, that Jesus was not telling us that he knows the way to the father or that he would show anyone that comes to him the path to the father. Rather, he declared assertively that only he is the way, that is, He is the reality. He is the starting point. 

You cannot know the person of God outside of Christ. He is not pointing the way to the father, he is the way to the father. So if a man is going to grow in the knowledge and revelation of God the father, he cannot do so outside Christ. The only way God can relate with us is based on the substitutionary works of Christ because Christianity is all about what Christ has done for us.

Therefore, we should never base our relationship with the Father based on our strength, sinless life, or how much we can travail in the place of prayer or secret place. It should always be based on the person of Christ and never on our experience or the opinions of others.

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