We All Need Someone

The wine supply ran out during the festivities, so Jesus’ mother told him, “They have no more wine.” “Dear woman, that’s not our problem,” Jesus replied. “My time has not yet come.” But his mother told the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” - John 2: 3-5 NLT

I've read about the story of the wedding at Cana many times, and the main focus, whenever it's told has always been about Jesus turning water into wine. While I was going over the children's manual, I took a long pause at verse 4 of the above passage. Then my focus changed from the miracle to what brought about the miracle.

We All Need Someone

After Jesus was informed by his mother that the wine had run out, he replied that "his time has not yet come." Here is the question to ponder as I forge on: Why did his mother have to inform him about the situation? I think it's safe to surmise that Jesus might have attended functions before the wedding of Cana. Although it was not recorded that he attended any other than that of Cana, even if he had attended one, he must have stayed in the shadows, believing that it would be sorted out.

However, the story of the wedding of Cana was mentioned for a purpose. Jesus would have folded his hands in the middle of the loop if not for his mother. If his time had not yet come, why did he have to help out when his mother called attention to it? Well, you might say that he was just being obedient. But the truth is, it was the exact time for his glory to be revealed. And for that to happen, he needed so
meone to make him do what he can do.

The fact that you carry the anointing and that you're spiritually sound and prophetically inclined is more than enough reason why you should have someone who can direct you. Mary was not only Jesus' mother; she was chosen for a purpose. She was chosen because she could play the roles of a mother, a mentor, and a guide. To crown it all, she had the spirit of God residing in her, and with that, she was able to see what her son could not see or what he could see but look away from.

Jesus lived on earth as a normal human being. He became flesh, acted the way we act, thought, and also reacted the way we react. If Jesus needed someone to give him a push, we all need someone. These are the questions you should ask yourself: Who are your mentor, your role model, and your teacher? These people mentioned have a great role to play in your life journey. This means that the result of your becoming solely dependent on them

Many times, you doubt if the knowledge you have is worth sharing or if you can do something when it's so obvious that you're gifted in such areas. Interestingly, God does not leave us alone; He specifically places and brings people into our lives when it is time to launch out. He creates the right platform, connects you to the right people, and also ordains such people to help birth your dream into reality. Such people could be your parent, pastor, siblings, friends, or spouse, or it can even come in the form of a problem that needs to be solved.

Verse five goes on to tell us that Jesus' mother told the servants to do whatever he told them to do. And that was the end of her assignment. It was not recorded that she followed Jesus around, persuading him, and she did not even create a scene. From the look of things, it was as if she left the spot immediately after she said those words to the servants.

Another thing to note here is that she believed that it was time, and she was not hesitant to tell him what he should do. When you're surrounded by people who believe so much in you, it's always so difficult to say, "I can't," when they know you can.

The role of Jesus' mother in this story was to give Jesus a push. Of course, He is the Messiah, but for his glory to be revealed, it took his mother to make that happen. It took his mother to say, "You don't have to wait anymore." Your time is now! The scriptures say that it was his first miracle.





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