Your Words and Your Faith

“I'm finished!" Shola cried out with both hands on his head pacing back and forth.

His roommates didn't take a second to look at him but Dayo, their newest roommate turned to him.

“Guy, don't bother. He's always finished. I'm not so sure anything is left of him as he speaks..." Femi, one of the other boys beckoned to Dayo seeing he wanted to intervene.

The other two guys in the room bursted out in laugher. They didn't look away from their phones which they were busy with but it was pretty obvious they bursted out in laughter at what Femi said.

“Why would you say that? We should help him. He's obviously in distress." Dayo stated with a tone of concern.

“Look, in the end, whatever is bothering him is always a piece of cake. He's always agitated even over the littlest of things." Femi answered.

“Just wait, the next statement is, my life is over." Another roommate, James whispered to Dayo. At this time, all 4 of them had turned to stare at Shola who was too busy with his phone to notice his roommates were talking about him.

“My life is over!" Shola blurted out and they all turned to give Dayo that ‘I told you' look but Dayo wasn't comfortable with the atmosphere in the room. He wanted to speak but James cut him off.

“He's not done. He has one more sentence and that's his signature sentence..."

“My life is a mess!" They all chorused including Shola and the boys rolled with laughter. That was the first time Shola noticed the boys were talking about him. Dayo didn't think it was funny.

“Are you guys talking about me?" Shola frowned.
Dayo was the one who spoke up. “Yes."
Shola frown gave way to a surprise look.
“If you don't mind me asking, why use such heavy negative words on yourself?" Dayo added.
“They're not negative words. They're facts!" Shola declared.
“Isn't it obvious? Everything is always going downhill for me. My life is full of more downs than ups. My existence is a total mess!" Shola added with conviction.

“Ahhh!" Dayo exclaimed and rose from the bed. He stood facing Shola. The other boys were now fully interested in how the situation was going to unfold. They all sat up keeping their phones aside.

Dayo swallowed hard before speaking up. “First things first, are you a Christian?"
“Of couse! My middle name is Joshua!"
“What irony!" Dayo sighed and shook his head in disappointment.
“What's ironic about my name?" Shola asked.

“Joshua brought a good report to Moses when they went to spy the land in Genesis 13. He and Caleb alone choose to look at the situation on ground from God's point of view order than what it looks like naturally." 
“Day, what are you driving at?" James inquired.
“The name is Dayo, please. And here's what I mean..." Dayo replied, drew a chair and took his seat facing the boys since he had their attention.

“Are you all Christians?" He asked.
They nodded in the affirmative.

“That's a good start. Look, as a believer, negativity should be far from you. What did you think the Bible meant when it said in Job 22:29 that ‘When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up; and he shall save the humble person?' It meant regardless of however the situation of things appears to be, the fact that I'm a believer and I know the God I serve exempts me from every and any evil befalling men. Even when a supposed evil happens to me, my Bible says, “All things work together for my good!"

“But what if the situation on ground negates what you're confessing?" Shola asked.

You become what you say. I've heard many men of God say you can't get to where you don't see yourself. If for example someone wants to cross the road and he doesn't see himself on the other side of the road, no matter how much someone tries to help that person, he or she will never cross the road. Even when someone decids to hold their hands, they will refuse because they don't see themselves at the other side. Even when your account balance says otherwise, tell yourself; I am Rich! I am Wealthy! Christ became poor that I might be made Rich! The same Bible says ‘let the weak say I am strong.' (Joel 3:10). Even when you're sick, you tell yourself, Christ was wounded for my transgression, He was chastised for my iniquity, I am healed by His stripes! When things are not going well, tell yourself, All things are working together for me and for my good! I am not stranded! I am not confused!

How do you expect that after saying negative things about yourself, things will begin to change? No, it doesn't work that way. The way you have confessed that things are not working for you is the way things will not work for you!

And mind you, mean it when you say it. As much as you speak, your faith is more important. If you say it and don't mean it, things will remain the way they are. Your faith is what prompts your words to come to fulfillment. 

As a believer whose way is right with God, your utterances are very powerful! Very very potent! Say to yourself what you want for yourself! Say to yourself what you want your life to look like! Say to yourself most especially, God's Word!

Saying things the way they are is not you trying to tell yourself facts. Rather, it's you choosing to let the situation of things configure your thoughts and words. Rather, let God's Word to you be on your lips. Always confess good, positive things to yourself and most especially, God's Word!

Open up the Scriptures and search for Scriptures in line with that circumstance facing you and confess them day and night. Let God words be plastered on your lips. Don't let it slip. Let it be so tangible that it is more real to you even than the physical mundane things. 

Never let situations change your words and faith. Rather, let your faith and words change your situation!  

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