Many of us struggles hard to get to church early but end up getting late than expected.

Today, I will like to share some tips that can help us to be PUNCTUAL.

1. Have everything ready the night before the day.

 Prepare your jotter, pen and Bible and other valuables in your bag Saturday night. Don't wake up early to start arranging those things things. That can make you go late.

Lay out your clothes you're going to wear, complete tasks that can delay you the following day.

2. Make sure your automobile is in good condition.

For those who have personal cars, they should check their car properly(the guage, the condition of the car). Fill the car with enough fuel for the next day so you won't have to stop by the petrol station the next day that can get you late to church.

3. Go to bed early.

Avoid late night movies, duties and tasks that make you wake up late or tired.

4. Be a church worker.

Most christians don't have a group or responsibilities in church, that's why many of them go to church anytime they feel like.

5. Be dedicated and make up your mind to always be PUNCTUAL to church no matter what.

An adage says " Punctuality is the soul of business". 

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