Article: Unashamed of the Gospel by Iheme Favour Chioma

Article: Unashamed of the Gospel by Iheme Favour Chioma
In the book of Romans 1:16, Apostle Paul declares that He is not ashamed of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ which I believe is the source of this theme: “UNASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL.”

Many Christians see this as a call to boldly proclaim a world that may be hostile or indifferent to their message, and it has become a rallying cry for all believers.

The Gospel is the good news of Christ that can change our lives, destiny, and our world. This good news encompasses the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, His death, burial, and resurrection; it is the full message of salvation, hope, and eternal life which was conveyed to us. 

This gospel is the foundation of Christianity. In there we have faith to believe. It is the message that has the power to transform a sinner into a Saint, an unbeliever into a believer. This is why we should never be ashamed of the Gospel message since it is the foundation of our faith.

The Bible speaking in John 3:16 says “For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth shall not perish but have everlasting life”. This is the summary of the gospel of Christ— in love God gave and the result is everlasting life!

The crucifixion of CHRIST was the worst and most inhuman death any man can die. Crucifixion was reserved for the worst criminals in the society. JESUS was whipped, the whip was designed in a way that he would lose so much blood; that all his bones will go out of joint. Despite losing so much blood and his bones going out of joint, he was still made to carry the cross, one of the heaviest antiquity in human history.  

JESUS was crucified in a way that his blood wouldn’t be able to circulate, so the blood clustered at his heart, and his knees were bent so he wouldn’t adjust himself to a position that would help him breathe. The excruciating pain, loss of blood, inability to breathe, and impossible circulation of blood, eventually led to his death. 

Dying on the cross is the worst death for the worst criminal, yet this was how our saviour died! Jesus died the worst death so He can save the worst sinner. He needed to show us how much He loves us and how far He is willing to go for the sake of LOVE.

But, why did Jesus have to go through so much pain and die such death!?
Why didn’t He just die like every normal man?
Why did He have to go through such humiliating and excruciating pain?
Yet, many are still ashamed of this great message of love!
The gospel has the power to forgive, save, change, deliver, transform, heal, restore, and redeem. All these are possible because of LOVE, the Father’s love— and grace, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ— and to all who believe; He gave the power to become sons by adoption.
After the fall of the first man, Adam; God began the search for a man that will bring permanent solution. The blood of animals wasn’t able to cleanse the Israelites from their sins, hence God needed a permanent solution. However, none succeeded until God put on flesh and came down like man, in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. And through the sacrifice of His blood, we were reconciled back to the Father. Jesus became a seed sown in death, that all who believe might have eternal life.

When we truly understand what JESUS did on the cross, we shall discover that nothing is too much to give or do for him, not even proclaiming the gospel with boldness! We become unashamed of the gospel.

However, what exactly does it imply to be unashamed of the gospel?  

It means that we don’t hesitate to stand up for what we believe in, even if doing so may make us feel unpopular or uneasy. It demonstrate our willingness to defend our beliefs in the face of opposition, tribulation, and persecution.

Naturally, saying this is easier than doing it. Many of us may feel pressured to conceal our beliefs to avoid conflict or rejection in a world that emphasizes conformity over conviction. However, the gospel of Jesus Christ must be proclaimed unashamedly because it is a message of love, forgiveness, and redemption; that has the power to change lives. It can change a story to glory, shame to fame, disgrace to grace, failure to success and sorrow into joy.

Many individuals have been ashamed of the Gospel throughout history. They have been reluctant to express their beliefs openly or to spread the Gospel to others. This is frequently brought on by dread of being rejected, mocked, or persecuted. The Bible is explicit in saying that Christians should never be ashamed of the Gospel, nevertheless. 

Once we were all sinners who needed a saviour, and Jesus Christ is that saviour, according to the gospel. Now that we believe, we’ve been transformed into the family of God as new creatures and joint heirs with Christ. 

The sacrifice of the cross reconciled us back to the Father who has given to us the MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION (2 Cor 5:18-19). This is a call given to us to “Go into all nations", a call to reconcile men back to the Father, but many believers who call God their father have neglected this call. Many are ashamed of answering this call. If believing in our hearts and confessing with our mouths we become saved, transformed from darkness into light. Then, why should we keep this great news to ourselves? We are no longer enslaved to sin; rather, we are set free to lead lives filled with love, joy, and peace. 

Don’t be contented with this great news when your neighbors are still wallowing as slaves. Don’t enjoy these unique gifts alone! Be unashamed to tell someone to tell someone to tell someone to tell someone…until the message spreads. 

Let’s go into heroes of our faith and their actions regarding the gospel:

1. Esther

At first, Esther never wanted to associate herself with the Jews. From the first day she entered the palace, no one knew she was a Jew, so even though Haman had made an evil plan for the Jews, she was sure that she’d be exempted because she was queen. However, her uncle, Mordecai said something profound: “ If you won’t do it, God will raise someone else, but maybe it was for such a time that God brought you here”, (paraphrased).
God never lacks men. If you are ashamed of the gospel, someone else will, and with great boldness like Apostle Paul’s. But, what will you look like to have kept this great news to yourself? If the person who proclaimed the gospel to you had been ashamed of the gospel, would you have been saved? Would you have come into this great family? So, why won’t you to others?

2. Daniel

This is one dogged hero who lifts up the banner of Christ anywhere and everywhere, even in politics. Daniel defiled all the laws of the king to exalt the king of Kings. He’s so confident of whom he had believed!
Are you confident in whom you believe? Do you even know whom you believe?

3. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

These heroes beat their chests and say even if our God will not save us, we will not bow to any other god! They were not ashamed to declare their faith. They were not ashamed to take a stand!
There must have been other people in that region who were believers but we’re they bold enough to take their stand before the golden statue of the king?

4. Apostle Paul

This is a diehard fan of the Gospel who so believed God that he was ready to be bond, persecuted and even die for the Gospel!
He count his life as nothing but for the Gospel.
 The story of Apostle Paul is a very interesting one. From a persecutor, a slave to sin, a chief sinner, a great man in darkness, he became a slave to the gospel, a chief Apostle. One who wrote over 20 Epistles and controlled the affairs of the early church. One who became a light, brought many into the light, and became an ambassador of the Light.
We can go on and on, because in every generation, Jesus never lacked men. As the Igbos put it, “Chukwu were n'mmadu”(God has people).
Could it be that the reason you are ashamed of the gospel is because you never really know whom you have believed?
Or are you not persuaded enough?
Are you afraid of persecution and tribulation?
Have you really accepted the Gospel to the point that it affects your lifestyle and character?
Are you ashamed of the gospel?
Be sincere to yourself and judge yourself!

So, how can we embrace the gospel without shame?
1.    Know whom you have believed.
2.    Increase your awareness and experience of the Gospel.
3.    Study to show thyself approved.
4.    Fellowship always with fellow believers, because iron sharpeneth iron.
5.    Pray intentionally for grace.
6.    Never miss an occasion to share your faith and experience with others through volunteering, lifestyle, and one on one evangelism.
7.    Be an active soul winner. 

Remembering that our identity is ultimately rooted in Christ and not in the opinions of others is another important aspect of being unashamed of the gospel. We are free to speak up for what we believe in, without fear of being rejected or judged. Even if we don’t immediately notice the results, we can have faith that God will use the words and deeds we speak and do for his purposes. 

Be willing to share the good news with others, regardless of the consequences, even when they are opposed by society or are unpopular. Be a witness for Christ in all that we do—at work, in school, or our personal lives.

We do not approach the Gospel with arrogance or force because we are unashamed of it. When we share the Gospel with others it indicates that we are gentle, humble, and respectful. We should be willing to listen to the questions and concerns of those around us and be sensitive to their wants and feelings.

In the end, living a life that reflects the love and truth of Jesus Christ is what it means to be unashamed of the gospel. It all boils down to being willing to fight for what we believe in, no matter how uncomfortable or difficult it may be. It’s about putting your faith in God’s ability to use you to spread His message of redemption and hope to a world that desperately needs it.

Conclusively, the world’s most significant message is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has the ability to transform the world and change lives. The Gospel should never make us feel guilty as Christians. We ought to be willing to spread the good news to other people and advocate for our values. The Gospel should not cause us any embarrassment because it is the power of God that saves all who believe. 

Remember, the harvest is many.
Be a useful vessel unto honour.
Proclaim the Gospel of Christ!
Be a soul winner.
Be like Esther who'll say, if I die, I die!
Be unashamed of the gospel!!

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