Christian Poetry: Unashamed of the Gospel by Okeleke Gift Victoria

I was once bound in sin
Like a slave without a voice of his own
I served the master of the flesh
Even though his commandments was against my own soul
I was too blinded by the darkness of this world to see
But the light of Jesus that shines brighter than the morning sun
Showed me the path of enternal life
That brought me out of my bondage into God's grace
And Out of my sorrows into peace that surpasses all understanding

Christian Poetry: Unashamed of the Gospel by Okeleke Gift Victoria

I shall proclaim his goodness and mercies endureth forevermore
Till thy kingdom come
I shall preach the words of my master
For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ
Through which I was saved from sin

I will not be silent anymore
For I am now bound to preach the gospel
To the North, South, West and East
Wherever he sends me to, I will go
To the Rich, poor, whites or blacks
To My friends, family and neighborhood
I won't be ashamed to let them know that I am a Christian
And I shall prove it by my words
By my actions, and character
That Jesus is the light of the world
And they that walk with him, shall not work in darkness

Because I am unshamed of Jesus
Who loved me first and died for me
I won't turn my back at him when he calls me to labor
To partake in the suffering of the cross
In reckless abandon to my Lord
My body, soul and spirit
I shall present as a living sacrifice to the one who made me

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