Unashamed of the Gospel by Gana Yebo Comfort

The Womb that bore the Gospel of Truth (Mary: A Case Study)

An Open Letter to the Christian Ladies

"Grace, I saw Sister Amaka with a baby in the market the other day. Since she left our church, i have not heard anything about her."

"Sister Blessing, the way you are asking this Question, it looks like you have not been infomed, sister amaka's fiance family, demanded she gives birth to a child before there union to confirm her fertility. she agreed and packed into his house, when the pastor found out, he queried her, that made her leave the chuch because our papa also told her he was not going to hold or join the two of them together in holy matrimony."

Unashamed of the Gospel by Gana Yebo Comfort

The above illustration, is a good picture of what is happening in our days. As christains, christain ladies specifically, we are expected to flee all appearances of evil. We are to guard our hearts with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life . We are expected to know our stand and position in the universe. We are expected, to know that we have been given a task by God to bring to the world a gospel, and we must be unashamed of this Gospel, That's one of the things that makes us special.

In this article, we are going to be looking at Mary as our case study. her way of life, her standard of living, the role she played in the life of Jesus, what the scripture said about her and lot more.

When God picks a man to carry out an assignment for him, he does not need that perfect man. There is a quality you posses that made God to choose you, that makes it clear that any man God is choosing poseses certain qualities. Atimes we feel the task we are being given by God is hard but He knows us and our capabilities.

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Mary then was a lady who was preparing to get married to Joseph, Mary was from nazareth one of the least cities in Galilee, she was a virgin, then virginity symbolized purity. We were not told that Mary, at this moment had started living with Joseph or she had given birth for Joseph, so that Joseph family will confirm her fertility. She was a virgin, she was favoured by God, She had a role to play in the life of Joseph and Jesus, she never went out to visit the daughthers of the city like Dinah did. She was the one with the womb that bore the gospel of truth.

Mary and Joseph trained the child Jesus to be humble, simple, respectful e.t.c. Jesus did not come down from heaven with his life of simplicity, he was born of a woman and he became man. Jesus was trained and brought up by his father and mother. Mary and Joseph did not neglect their responsibility as parents, the angel told them what this child will become, this did not make them to spare the rod. They also did not neglect their spiritual responsibilities in his life. Mary knew the task she was assigned and she did it well. If you look at the life of God, we will notice that there is a difference between the father and son. When you hear the name God, what should come to your mind is supremacy and power. God gives Command to people and you are expected to carry it out, Jesus gave command to demons and they obeyed but he was a simple man. He dined with sinners which on a normal note God would not because even an offering of a sinner is an abomination to him. Jesus becoming man and dying on the cross for sinners, show the love of Christ to every sinner. This is what makes Christ the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through him, it is Jesus that pleads on our behalf, if not we will be long gone and forgotten as sinful men.

Mary knew the son she trained. She knew who her son was. When the need arose in Cannan, Mary called on her son because she knew the gospel she bore. She did not call on Jesus siblings, she called on Jesus. She knew the task Jesus was assigned to do on Earth by God, she believed he was not an ordinary child.

Mary did not allow another woman to take her place in her son's life. She was part of his success story. She carried out her motherly duty, she trusted and believed her son. She made sure she covered even the gap Jesus father could not.

Mary was a woman of Valor, she was virtuous, even when Jesus was nailed on the cross she stood among the disciples present. When Jesus was about to give up the ghost, he assigned some disciples to his mother. Mary knew her responsibilities, she did not wait for anyone to inform or tell her what to do. Even after Jesus resurrected we still saw the role Mary played. She never gave another woman even a slight chance to take the responsibility she is suppose to carry out. She always made sure she was there.

Every woman on Earth has been given a duty/task by God. This task is bringing to the world, the gospel of truth, the gospel that gives life. So you as a Lady is expected to live your life in the standard and love of Christ. You should be ready to take responsibilities.

The thugs we see today, kidnappers, prostitutes, e.t.c all came from a womb. They were brought to the world by a mother, they are gospels but they are not the gospel of Truth. Its disheartening when I see mothers cursing their children, because of the misfortune they brought to them or because of the kind of life the child chooses to live. Every mother is saddled with the task of bringing the gospel to the world. Before God formed any child in her mother's womb, he knew them. He has a plan and purpose for each child. It is now the woman that God uses to bring to life this Gospel. Every woman who neglects her responsibility will become ashamed of the gospel.

Any womb God want to use to bring the gospel of Truth must be purified. It does not stop at only bringing the gospel to the world, the growth of the gospel is also important. The gospel must grow in status and obtain favour from both God and man. Train a child in the way he should grow and when he his old, he will not depart from it. This training involves, building Christ in the life of a child.

Many homes are broken today due to one challenge or the other, a womb which must carry the gospel, must work on herself, both physically and spiritually. The life of the child that is coming through you, should be able to speak of Christ now and in years to come. As a mother you are expected to train your child to be like Christ, Christ is the gospel of Truth, and training your child to be like him, makes that child a gospel. When you fail in your responsibility, you become ashamed of this Gospel. "Train a child in the way he should grow and when he his old, he will not depart from it", "spare the rod and spoil the child".

A lady who must bear the gospel must work on her qualities, must be responsible, she must not be found wanting with questionable character. Yes, no man is perfect but any man that allows God to work through him, becomes perfect in God. I don't know if some ladies really know who they are and their status in the universe. Men are supposed to be chasing after you not you as a lady chasing after a man. Jesus was called a capenters son, why was that? Jesus was not described to his mother, there is a saying in the society " when a child his Good, the honour goes to the father, but when a child is bad the mother is to be blamed.

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As a mother you are expected to embrace and be part of your children success story, Even in hard and challenging times, you are expected to be by their side. It is not only when it is going smoothly, your children needs you more in challenging times. This is where some parents have missed it today, if you don't fill up the space you are expected to fill in your child's life, the devil will help. It only takes grace to recover back to yourself this child.

I once overheard a woman lamenting to her friend "My son does not leave his room, even to come out to eat becomes a problem, I was told by an outsider that my son said we don't love him, he told this person that we don't buy things for him, we only buy for his sisters, he also said whenever he asked for anything in the house he would not get it", I had to sit down and think, I was just imagining my son confiding in an outsider rather than me.

"I tried making up to him but he was already far from us and their is no turning point, I tried all I could but it was not working out so I gave up on him." You also as a mother, is expected to pray for your children, avoid cursing them. It is important to pray for your children, pray into their future, do no go to sleep be watchful the enemy is always busy looking for who to devour. Make them feel loved, do not discriminate amongst them.

As a mother, you also need to be mindful of the friends your children keep. I was on my way out one early morning when I saw a boy of about ten years sitting over burning trash in the gutter. He had a paper in his hands which was rolled up and he took the fire and was comfortably smoking and facing the main road, the mother was also watching, then I wondered in my mind, does this woman know she is expected to take caution, or his this little boy already above corrections? Or is it that what he his doing is just a child's play? Do not throw caution to the wind as a mother.

Every parent will give account of everything/role he/she played in the life of her children, most people don't understand this. Yes it is one man to himself on judgement day but you will also be giving account on the role you played in the lives of others. God will demand an explanation from you.

Dear fathers, it is not only the ladies and mothers that are saddled with the task of training a child, you as a father has a role to play, don't leave this task to the mother alone. Give this woman the peace she needs, show her love the way Christ loves you his church. Make her feel special, don't try to defend the wrong doing of this child, instead help in correcting.

As a mother, what role do you play in your child's growth? As a mother you are expected to play great roles in the life of your child, you are expected to draw the child closer to yourself, she is expected to be ready to help this child either in pain, success or sorrow. You are expected to build this child to become Christ like.

Dear lady, prepare yourself to bear the gospel that you would be unashamed of, work on your character flaws cause that makes it easier. Your children are looking up to you, so your life should serve as an example to them. Make sure you draw them closer to yourself, do not give the devil a chance to come into your home.

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