What God Looks At: Gospel Today Devotional - 16th April, 2024

The motive with which we do things matters a lot. There are times people get themselves involved in that which looks good with the idea that they are fighting for a good cause or doing something good. Of course, so it looks to other people but if one was to see through their hearts, and examine closely the motive behind such actions, one would realize that those things were done with the wrong intention or motive. And most times, what men see are the actions, not the motive behind such actions, and so they are easily deceived. We shall be looking at that which God considers in our study today. The anchor text is seen below:

What God Looks At: Gospel Today Devotional - 16th April, 2024

"Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the Lord pondereth the hearts." (Proverbs 21:2).

When men do things, it doesn't appear to them that they are doing the wrong thing. Does it? No, because in many ways, they feel their actions are justified. These are people who even live without the knowledge of Christ in them. How about those who now live in Christ? Don't we do things many times without considering the reason for which we have decided to do such things?

It is very good to sing in the choir. It is good to preach, and to take a Bible study class? It is good to be involved in evangelism? It is even good to lead the prayers during prayer meetings. But the question is, how many do these things with the right intention? How many do these to glorify God?

The thing is, men can be deceived but not God. Do you know why? Because he doesn't just look at what you do but why you do them. He sees through you to know your intentions. While that which you do may be right in your eyes, and others may see it, and commend you for it, God sees your heart, and say to himself, this is not for me. He pondereth (considers, examines, looks into) the hearts (the motive, the intentions, why you do what you do). He doesn't condemn your actions but all he wants is that those actions are carried out with the right intentions. Remember this today, while men may commend you for what they see you do, and while you may think your actions are right, God considers your heart to know why you did such. Let that which you do be with the right intentions. Grace to you, and peace from God. Amen.

Thought for the Day

While men may only see your actions, and while it may appear good to both you and them, always remember that God sees more than your actions. He sees the reason for your actions.

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