Biography of Prophetess Sophia Adedobe Odunlami

Popularly referred to as Nigeria's first known Prophetess (female prophet), Sophia Adefobe Odunlami was born in 1900 and hails from Isoyin, a town located about 8 kilometers from Ijebu Ode (now Ijebu North-East Local Government) in Ogun State, Nigeria.

The label "prophetess" or "woman prophet" (něbī'āh) is attributed to five women in the Old Testament: Miriam (Exod. 15:20), Deborah (Judg. 4:4), Huldah (2 Kings 22:14; 2 Chron. 34:22), Noadiah (Neh. 6:14), and "the prophetess" (Isa. 8:3). 
The Bible tells us that prophecies will be spoken in the last days by both men and women, young and old, regardless of social status, as God pours out His Spirit (Joel 2:28).Sophia Adefobe Odunlami(Nee Ajayi) was a sign from God that it is not unusual to have female prophets.
It is also equally significant to note that the rise of Pentecostalism in south-western Nigeria, with its prophetic-healing dimension, was through the instrumentality of a lady in an age when the feminine gender was highly discriminated against as weaker vessels in church ministry.

She was a charismatic and visionary leader whose personality broke the restrictive cultural barrier that confronted Yoruba women and created opportunities for women in the church in the early twentieth century.

Sophia Odunlami first became widely known around 1918 (shortly before the end of the World War I), as a result of an outbreak of a plague in the southern part of Nigeria. This was as a result of air pollution caused by the series of weapon used during the war, especially bombs.
Consequent upon this, the government ordered the closure of all public buildings (of which churches were included) to curb the spread.

The vicar of the St. Saviour's Anglican Church, Italupe, Ijebu-Ode abandoned his congregation and retired to his farm .The pastoral oversight of the church during this dark hour apparently fell on the Mr Joseph Shadare, a rich goldsmith who was the church's Warden and lay member of the Diocesan Synod,who also happens to be Sophia Odunlami's Uncle.
They started a prayer meeting to seek Gods face to halt the epidemic .This later led to an emergence of a semi-autonomous prayer group named Precious Stone Prayer Group . One of those who joined this prayer meeting was Sophia Odunlami,who then was teaching in an Anglican School.
The outpouring of the Spirit of God upon Sophia Odunlami started manifesting as result or a spiritual experience which resulted in her divine empowerment as the first evangelist and prophetess of the group.

Prophetess Sophia, who was 19 years old then, was herself one of the victims of the influenza for five days. But it was during this period when she laid dying in a weak body that she received an 'outpouring of the Spirit ' which revived and transformed, her. In her trance, she reportedly heard a voice: "I shall send peace to this house and the whole world as the world war is ended." More significantly, she received a divine revelation that the most effectual remedy for the influenza victims would be 'sanctified rain water' and aggressive prayer. It was also revealed to her that members of the church were indulging in various sins such as using medicine (both native and European), eating kola – nuts, drinking too much palm – wine, wearing charms, dressing flamboyantly, and having feasts on Sundays.
Awaking from her spiritual voyage loaded with anointing Sophia became an itinerant Pentecostal evangelist emphasising, among other things, repentance, regeneration, sanctification, and particularly divine healing through faith in the blood of Jesus . With her prophetic-healing campaign, several people reportedly received divine healing from the influenza. Diverse miracles were also reportedly performed through her.
In line with the vision earlier given to her concerning the church, she particularly denounced the use of medicine of any sort , drinking of alcohol, and gorgeous dressing .
The great demonstration of the power of God through Sophia went far and near with multitude of people receiving the blessing of deliverance and healings through her apostolic ministry .She was known to introduced the use of "anointing. oil" for healing to the group.
Sophia Odunlami can be described as someone who was active in leadership and providing spiritual guidance, which was evidenced when she condemned Josiah Ositelu use of strange holy names and belief in polygamy ,which result in distancing her group from Ositelu group . She was also one of the people that in 1921 got her group affiliated with Faith Terbanacle International,based in United State of America
Sophia Odunlami later got married to Mr J.L Ajayi ,the secretary of the Precious Stone Prayer Group .

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