Christian Poetry: Prayer Fever


Can you tell when God has something to say?

Can you sense when you just but have to pray?

Can you tell when you will be prayed?

What have you heard about prayer?

What have you heard about tongues that don't stop?

How do you know that you will be prayed today?

This is how you know

It's not a burden

It's not an excitement about prayer either

When you open your mouth to pray

Water begins to pour out of you until you are drenched,

Soaked in a rain that you did not start

Unlike a burden, your tongues don't run into each other

They are clear and almost precise

And unlike excitement, you find yourself pushed to the back as your spirit man prays something fierce

That's how you know

That you have to pray

You're not sure for what

But you must pray, you begin to see

Your body tires but tongues pour out of you still

Pushing past a limit you never thought you could pass

'Till you think you've had enough

Then you see a vision

Nothing long, just a glimpse

But it makes sense

Word after word begins to mark your heart

In a rush, understanding returns to you

You find words to explain

You find words to declare

You finally understand that it was God on this one

He needed you to pray at that time

Maybe not for you

But no doubt, for His purpose all the same

He needed, simply put, to pray you through

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