Who is a Christian?

 "I am a christian" is a common designation or label people wear on their T-shirts, cars, house or other items.

But the real question is "Who is a Christian"?

A believer believes in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, is first and foremost, a Christian.

A Christian is someone who acknowledges Jesus as Lord and believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was risen from the dead (Romans 10:8-9). Every Christian professes Jesus as their Lord and believes that God raised Jesus from the grave.

Therefore, to be a Christian;

1. You must believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins.

2. You must actively and purposefully hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

Being bornagain or becoming a Christian doesn't happen by our own efforts to earn it; rather it happens via the grace of God through faith, which leads to the regeneration and indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

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