Benefits of Dedication to the Word

 The Word in this context is not the prophet's or pastor's prophecy, it is the Bible, God's Word.

In order to better walk with God, it is necessary to access God's principles, precepts and ways through Bible study. It is not only about quoting scriptures; it is the act of seeking to understand God's ways, values, principles and what you must refrain from doing if you wish to walk with Him.

What are the rewards of a commitment to the Word of God?

1. The Bible Increases Strength

In 1 John 2:14, Scriptures 

2. The Bible Creates Hope

(Psalm 119:81): The Word of God delivers you from discouragement and gives rise to hope.

3. The Joy of God's Word (Psalm 119:162)

The cure for depression and hopelessness is the Bible.

Beloved I advise you to consistently and routinely read God's Word.

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