Help me, Holyghost

 A few days ago, the holy ghost reminded me that I have not spoken to you in a while. I have excuses, and in short, they are valid ones but excuses don't count as anything, the work must be done.

From the title of this blog, you can guess what it would be about. Firstly, I want to be vulnerable with you. 

See my fine friend now

I went on a very huge break off this space and if you would have asked I would have said I went off because of time which would not be entirely true. The truth is if I wanted to, I would have made it work.

I remember talking to myself that I didn't want to write for free again, I wanted to write for money. Lol, I know you are probably cringing and you probably expected more from me as per Moh. Well, sorry to break it to you that Moh is human and loves good things.

When he reminded me, I cooked something interesting but I didn't post it, so he decided to remind me again as per "Rich in Mercy". 

Thanks to the conversation I had about my blog with a friend immediately after the exam prayer meeting. For non-OAU students, an exam prayer meeting is a prayer meeting organized by UJCM ( University Joint Christian Mission) on campus where believers from different fellowships come together to pray. The prayers are not really about examinations and in short most times exams are just mentioned in passing.

To the main deal, God said I should strengthen you concerning your exams and I'm surprised because why?

Do I look strengthened myself, Lord? 

I understand you are trying to build capacity in me so I'll just yield.

I want to talk to you, I want you to hear me even if you don't find me worthy. I want you to know that your father lives and you will be just fine. I know there are many exceptions, many reasons why you feel God's word doesn't work. Maybe a brief time you trusted for something and it didn't come to pass. 

Can we go again in our trust but this time a little different? We would read, trust, then insist on the result even in the face of seeming circumstances. I'll love to share with you a sentence I've been repeating recently and it's "Help me holy ghost".

So when you're in the middle of your book and it looks like you should cry out or when the time seems so short and the materials look more. Even in not-so-confident states, at times you are losing it. I hope you have enough breath to say "Help me Holy Ghost".

PS: I learned the statement from a very good friend Theophilus, he writes the best emails and I think you should subscribe.

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  1. Help me, Holy Ghost🙇
    Thank you very much, sis
    God bless you.

  2. Help me Holy Ghost 🤲


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