Christian Drama: Subduing the Flesh

Topic: Subduing the flesh

Text: Galatians 5:16, Romans 6:12-14



Agent 1:

Agent 2: 

King of flesh:











Director: Eberiga Mercy




Scene 1


(Curtain opens on Agent 1 and 2 waiting for the king of Flesh. Hi He comes in and a heated conversation ensues between them on the recruitment of new slaves)


Agent 1&2: Welcome master, the king of flesh

King of flesh: (Furious) This is not a time for greeting, this meeting was summoned  to strategize on the recruitment of new slaves. I am particular about the strong believers. Do you have any new plans on ground?


Agent 1: Master, for months now we have not rested as all hands were on deck to ensure a well structured plan is made available.


Agent 2: Exactly master! We were able to come up with a great plan to get new slaves among the believers and we're sure it'll be a big catch

King of Flesh: Good. Let me take a look.


(The plan was handed over to him. He studies it a bit, nods his head in satisfaction and demands for an explanation).


Agent 1: This first section explains the place of the Holyspirit in the life of the believer. It shows their strength and how they are able to withstand all our temptations.


Agent 2: True talk, master, the Holyspirit...the Holyspirit is the enemy, God's precious gift to His beloved.He empowers them to overcome sin and live for God's glory and purposes.


Agent 1: However master, we can make the spirits power to be turned off or ignored in their lives (King of flesh nods his head in satisfaction)

Agent 2: And that takes us to section 2

it shows how we can use the works of the flesh to turn off Holyspirit in them.

Agent 1: We would manipulate their thoughts and make them vulnerable to flesh

king of Flesh: uhum uhum...well done agenty. I am really impressed with your plans. let no time be wasted ,all arrangements should start immediately to ensure we achieve this plans.

(they continue to discuss in an audible voice as curtain closes)



Scene 2


(Curtain opens on John and Fred who have two satanic agents right behind them, speaking to their hearts)


Agent 1: John, my dear John. I see the torment within your soul, and the constant battle that rages within you. Why do you resist the desires of the flesh? Embrace them, indulge yourself, and find true pleasure.


John: (struggling) No, I cannot give in. I must subdue the flesh, and overcome these temptations. There is a higher purpose to my existence.


Agent 2: (smirking) Higher purpose? What higher purpose can compare to the delights of the flesh? Give in, John. Set yourself free.


You see, your body wants this thing. You badly want it. And no, you just have to do it once. Just once! And you'd be satisfied.


Take a look at your phone. Check the pictures you took of her last Sunday. Is she not beautiful enough? What if she wants you too and you're not man enough? Just push it to her this once and get it done.


[John clenches his fists, fighting the internal struggle… on another end of the stage, we see Fred and Agent 2 in a battle of the mind)


Agent 2: Can you imagine! They don't even value you. They don't know how to celebrate grace. After your punctuality to prayers and service to God, they didn't even consider you for any office. With all your capital letter tongues, they chose a far lesser brother than you. That brother that just came and has no ranking in the spirit? What then is the reason for staying?


Fred: That's true! Come to think of it. I'm highly anointed than he is. I have neatly polished shoes and foreign suits to match any excoship position but they chose him over me!


I'm leaving this fellowship. I'm annoyed with them all and I will deal with them for belittling God's grace upon my life


(Fred exits the stage at this point. Agent 2 is happy that Fred leaves the scene and shakes hands with Agent 1. They move forward on the stage and silently discuss)


Agent 1: Congratulations my guy! You're doing well. This my prospect is not yielding (pointing at John) I have tried all my strategies and he is not yielding to the lust of the flesh.


Agent 2: Let me give you an update. Have you tried to use friendly influence? Do you know any friend of his that could talk sense to his head?


Agent 1: Oh No! Why didn't I think of this before now? Let me try this and see if it works.


(Agent 1 returns to see John praying on the stage)


John: Lord help me to know the devices of the enemy and walk away. Help

Me to stay sensitive and walk in the spirit so I don't fulfil the desires of the flesh


Agent 1: (cuts in) You're praying? (Laughs) I'm coming for you. I'm bringing someone close to you to fulfill my wish. You're in my net and you're not leaving for anything!


(Agent 1 leaves the scene and Tomiwa walks in)


Tomiwa: Guy how far? Na here you dey? No dull oh. Sarah dey find you guy. She's waiting for you. I told you that babe really likes you but you no put eye down for her. It's not every guy that gets the opportunity where women flock around them


John: (looking shocked) How did you know this is…


Tomiwa (cuts him short) Guy! Everyone knows she's interested in you but you act like it's not true. See, she's waiting. come, I want to show you something.




Scene 3


(The scene opens with John on the stage. He shows appreciation to God that he didn't yield to the fleshly thoughts of his heart and draws the drama to a close)


John: God, I'm grateful for your grace that has helped me stand strong for you. By your grace, I have not been ignorant of the devices of the enemy.

Can the king of this world come to you and find nothing of himself in you?


Only In submission and subjection a man can thrive

Can someone pray this moment? O lord whatever doesn't look like you in my life,take it away be it addictions,envy ,pride,lust of the eyes,lust of the flesh and the pride of life


(Curtain closes as men pray)



You can watch the drama ministration below


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