Can God’s will be Stranded?

There was this Mount Zion movie I watched on YouTube. While watching, I learned something great about the movie.

In the movie, a brother asks a lady out with the conviction that he heard from God. According to him, the lady was God’s will for him.

At first, the sister was reluctant to accept the proposal. She had an embarrassing ailment that made her build a strong wall around herself. Before her heart can be possessed, the suitor must first pull-down the walls.

She prayed about it, and after praying, she finally agreed with the conviction that the brother was also the will of God for her. The brother was also certain that he had heard from God, and he was more than willing to pursue a godly relationship with the lady.

The courtship started, and everything was going smoothly until the embarrassing ailment started to show up.
This shook the conviction that they both heard. In fact, the brother was no longer certain that he had heard well from God. So the relationship began to drift apart. He could no longer stand the sight of the lady.

The lady tried reaching out, but the more she tried, the more distance it created between them. The brother started looking elsewhere. The lady had to face the struggle alone, coupled with heartbreak.

The brother went in search of another will since the so-called will of God for him didn’t look like it. The new lady he met had a questionable character, but since she had no embarrassing ailment like the previous lady, he was willing to settle with her.

To cut a long story short, the previous lady met another brother who was even better than the brother that left. This new brother found a last-minute solution to her ailment.
As for the brother who left, the new relationship crumbled. He found out that the current lady wasn’t a serious type.

Here are the lessons: The fact that he or she is the perfect will of God for you doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect will of God for someone else.

Of course, it's God’s will, but that’s not assurance that you won’t face challenges in the relationship. It might be in a different form. Totally different from the one in this story.
Listen, that thing you have that’s not looking good enough is what someone else is seriously praying for.

The will of God can be taken away from you and given to someone else who is even more suitable. Remember the story of the servants who were given talents? The one who had ten got one more talent from the servant, who felt it was not enough.

The will of God at first might not look like what you want, but with patience, everything will begin to take shape.

Don’t be so confident that the will of God for you will only be for you that you go elsewhere, thinking you might come back to the will of God if all other options don’t work out.

If you’ve got the conviction, pursue the relationship with understanding, patience, and endurance, so that when the water rises, you’ll both be able to speak peace to the storm.

The will of God might not look like a complete package, but from the inside, it’s the perfect package.

When the will of God refuses to move with the wheel of God, will God abandon His plan and purpose?

Even if the will of God refuses to move with the wheel of God, God will never be stranded.
Don’t sleep on God’s will!

Have a great week ahead.
©Oluwadamilola Ajayi.


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