Christian Drama: The Command to Love

John 13.34 - So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.

John.13.35 - Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.

1 John 4.21 - And God himself has commanded that we must love not only him but our Christian brothers and sisters, too.

Sogo: Eberiga Mercy
Subomi: Odunayo Ayomide
Uche/Devil's agent - Prince Oyakhilome
Old man: Oluwatosin Shalom
Tope - Ruggedman
Tunde - Ebiye Iniebolofini Godswill

Curtains: Olorunfemi Stanley
Light: Bro A.Y
Videography - Publo
Sound - G Brother's Prayo
Costume - Sis Adeleye Mercy
Makeup - Sis Chioma

Director - ADD

Act 1

(Curtain opens to a handsome young man who is an undercover agent from the kingdom of darkness)

Uche: Today, is another good day to go about, seeking whom to steal from, kill and destroy. (Laughs). I love this new assignment. Imagine! I don't have to dress in our official black or red colours to torment people. This time, I'm carrying out my assignment as the fresh guy that I am. See sweet, "fine boy devil" na (Examines himself). I love this undercover mission against the power of love in the heart of God's people. (Laughs again). I will cause enmity and rivalry among the people, bringing them to disobey God's command to love. And I will gladly carry out this duty again and again.

Let me start with the sisters. Let me play with their hearts and teach them a soft lesson.

(Curtain closes)

Act 2
Scene 1

(Subomi plots to poison Sogo. She is seen in the act trying to set the meal on a table for her sister. The two ladies are later seen fighting each other)

Subomi: (Talking to herself) I don't know what kind of a sister I have, but today, I will take Uche's advice and end it all. Sogo is a witch and I will have nothing to do with her again. Imagine trying to contend with me over a man? She won't do house chores, help with errands or make herself useful in anyway - and now, she wants to share a man with me? She wants to share Uche with me? That cannot work. It's impossible!

I will set you up and kill you slowly. I will give you a potion of this poison daily until you die. Then, I can have Uche to myself. Such a Fresh fine, rich and handsome young man! Ah God!

(Curtain closes and reopens with Sogo on stage)

Act 2 
Scene 2

(Sogo appears on stage, settling down to eat)

Sogo: I've been suspecting Subomi these days oh. She cooked food and left a portion for me ke? This one that she has been acting kind lately, I really hope it's not what I'm thinking oh. (Settles to swallow the meal)… And the food is sweet oh! Subomi sabi cook sha. Make I chop this one first even if we go still fight later.

(Curtain closes)

Act 2 Scene 3

(Curtain reopens to show Sogo still eating. Subomi walks in annoyed, shouting loud at Sogo)

Subomi: sister Sogo! Sister Sogo!! Sogo!!! What's the meaning of this? Why did you take my dress from my wardrobe? You know I planned to wear it today and now I can't find it.

Sogo: (Still trying to swallow the food) Oh sorry. I wore it to the dinner I had with Uche yesterday. I thought I told you about it oh.

Subomi: You did what? This nonsense has to stop. In fact, I hate you. I don't even know how we became sisters. You're unserious and good for nothing

Sogo: Ahahan! What's the meaning of this? (looks at her sister with rage) Do you realize I am your elder sister? (Moves closer to give her sister a slap. Subomi looks down and stays silent for some moments, then reacts)

Subomi: Elder sister my foot! With just one year and you don't want to know your place and respect yourself. Just one year and you decide to slap me? Ehn?… (Both sisters get into a hot fight as curtain closes)

Act 3

(Curtain opens as an old man is seen on the stage addressing the ladies - they are on their knees sweating profusely with rage in their eyes)

Sogo: (talking loud at Subomi) If I had listened to Uche and done something really quick about you, it wouldn't have come to this. Imagine such disrespect? You dare call me by name and look me in the face? Even though I'm older by just one year, what audacity do you have?

Subomi: Done something quick? You mean something like killing me? (Claps hands and Laughs wickedly) Hehehe… I knew it. But I was faster than you. For two months now, I have been putting little potions of poison in your meal. Give or take, you will die before the end of today (laughs again)…

Sogo: (looking with shock) What? How? What wickedness? How would you do this to me? I know we have differences, but I uwould never go that far to prove any point. (Begins to cry). Ah God! What have I done to deserve this? Baba, please help me. Help me beg her to give me the antidote…

Old man: My beautiful daughters, it's always a pain in my heart when I see people walking out of God's command to love. In John 13.35, Jesus tells us that our love for one another will prove to the world that we are His disciples. How then can you show love to a far unbeliever when you cannot even show love to your sister?

Subomi: (Cuts in, still raging) Baba, she deserves it. How will she go out with my man even when…

Old Man: (interrupts) Shut up, Subomi. You claim to be a believer who loves God. You go to church and sing in the choir. Have you forgotten 1st John 4:8 which says whoever does not love does not know God because God is love? How will you claim to know God, yet you cannot extend His love to your fellow human? How?… (Subomi begins to show remorse gradually…)

Subomi: Baba, I'm really sorry.. I'm sorry I have not duly loved my sister as I should and I followed the devil's advice by hurting her… (Sogo begins to groan at this point) Baba, please help. Help baba please, help…

Old Man: (Rises up to meet both ladies) My God! She is bleeding. (To Subomi) Calm down… She will be fine in Jesus' name…. Errr… where are these boys… Tope!! Tunde!! Come here please….

(Curtain closes…)

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