How to Sow the Word in your Life

Sowing the word is a simple act that involves speaking positive things into your life and existence. It is the act of proclaiming good things and seeing them come to reality in your life.

How to Sow the Word in your Life

As individuals, we must understand that words are like seeds; they are the beginning of life. More specifically as believers, the word of God in our hearts and life is a seed. Words have the ability to breed or produce more of the same. Words are self-replicating. 

The Lord has blessed us with freedom of word choice. Thus, the freedom to create is also the freedom of word choice. 

The ability of the tongue to cause life or death (Proverbs 18:21).

You must realize that you don't have to battle to be or possess anything in life. Just sow the seed, give it some water, and watch it grow to bear the desired harvest.

Plant the word's seed. Take the living word and plant it in your heart. How? Repeat the Word of God to yourself until it produced conviction and peace in your heart.

You can expect a harvest when you sow the seed of the word, but if nothing is sowed, expecting a harvest from unplanted seeds will be ridiculous.

Sow the good seed.

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