Without Love

Love is an affection, feelings, admiration, emotional attraction towards something or someone. It is an intense like for something or someone.

Love is very important in our day to day lives, it reveals our true feelings towards a thing or person.


There are different types of love.

1. Agape love: genuine love among the

 people of God. It's also the relationship

between God and man.

2. Parental/Maternal love: this is the love parents have for their children.

3. Conjugal love: This is the love between couples(husband and wife).

4. Philia love: friendship

I Corinthians 13 talks about love. Apostle Paul said "if I can speak in tongues, heal the sick and raise the dead and I lack love, I'm nothing".

You don't have to be rich or have a lot to show love to those around you. Simple text messages, calls, helping out, recharge card etc are little ways of showing love and care for others.

In addition, love is the greatest commandment in the Bible. Love God first and others around you.



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