A Heart that Pants after God

A Heart that Pants after God
Psalm 63:1-2, Matthew 5:6, Acts 10:38, Acts 2:1-42, Luke 1:15-17

Panting after God can be likened to an expression where a baby looks up to its mother and cries until it is attended to. Usually, such baby will not be content until the mother arrives and

A heart that pants after God is a citadel for the manifold presence of God so much so that rest for them is only when they have God and find satisfaction in Him.

A heart that pants after God yields fruits that are more of global effects than personal effects.

Your consistent secret place, self-realignment and dedication is to what end? It should have positive impact to God's kingdom and that is when we can truly say that you have a heart that pants after God.

I sought for a Man
Ezekiel 22:30

What kind of man is God seeking for?
1. A vessel that brings honour - 2nd Timothy 2:21
What are you doing?
2nd Timothy 4:7

When do we rise? - Revelations 22:12

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