Biography of Reverend Gideon Ekele Odoma

Biography of Reverend Gideon Odoma

Born on 31st July as a native of Ugwolawo in Ofu local government area, Kogi State, Nigeria, Reverend Gideon Ekele Odoma is a seasoned Bible Teacher known globally for his Christian Apologetic teachings and engagements. A Preacher, Thinker, Christian Apologist, Strategy consultant & civility advocate, he is the Founder and Set man of the Fortress Ministry based in Jos, Plateau State. He is also the Director of Christian Apologetics Training Institute (CATI), Nigeria and the convener of the monthly program "Word Count Abuja". Reverend Gideon is a full-time itinerant preacher with evangelism, apologetics, Bible teaching, and leadership development as his core areas. 


Fondly called Apostle Odoma by his spiritual brother and friend, Apostle Arome Osayi, with whom he shares a great bond, Reverend Odoma is a lecturer at the Adullam School. Adullam Bible Seminary is the Bible School of Remnant Christian Network. Adullam, is a ministry training program designed with a learning environment that has an intense atmosphere of Heaven accompanied with Spiritual impartations. A forge for turning charlatans into champions.

Apostle Gideon Odoma speaks regularly on University Campus missions and Covers range of topics including Doctrines, Christian Exclusivity and Religous Diversity, the moral argument for God's existence, Science and Religion, and more. His teachings also awaken the thoughts around “Why I am a Christian.” and "Can man live forever?" (Eternal Salvation) among others. He has also been part of RZIM missions as an adjunct based in Nigeria.

Growing up, Reverend Gideon Odoma attended and graduated from the Federal Government College (FGC) Ugwolawo with his SSCE and thereafter proceeded to the University of Jos where he attained a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Geography.  As an itinerant speaker, Christian Apologist and an Experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the religious institutions industry, Reverend Gideon Odoma is skilled in research, public speaking, human resource management, Nonprofit Organization, Strategic Planning, and Volunteer Management. He is a strong leadership development professional. He is also a graduate of Christian Apologetics from the University of Oxford (CTPS 2013) and is currently pursuing a Masters in Theology at Chester university.

Reverend Gideon Ekele Odoma's daughter

Reverend Gideon Ekele Odoma's daughter

Apostle Gideon Ekele Odoma  and daughter

Talking about Apostle Gideon Odoma won't be complete without mentioning Pastor Ameh Amana who God used to help his servant grow in the Lord and a host of many others like Evangelist Sunday Ogwuche, Daddy Gbile Akanni, Apostle Emmanuel Ibrahim.

President  Fortress Ministry Jan 2007 - Present · 15 yrs 4 mos.


Rev. Gideon Odoma is a seasoned minister of God and a full-time teacher of God’s word.

Apostle Arome usually refer him as Apostle Gideon Odoma. His is into campus ministry. In bid to raise a generation of God fearing youths, he moves from one campus to another in Nigeria and other international campuses to preach the gospel on invitations.  Reverend Gideon Odoma also preaches in churches as he is invited.  He hold a monthly program called “word count” and weekly bible study called “Tuesday Ignite”.

Reverend Gideon Odoma is an educated man of God, an expression that is evident in his sermons.
Reverend Gideon Odoma is a seasoned Bible Teacher  and a Christian Apologetic teacher, globally. His is lecturer at Adullam Bible School pioneered by Apostle Arome Osayi.  Reverend Gideon Odoma is well established and grounded in Christian Apologetic teachings. Reverend Gideon Odoma Director of Christian Apologetics Training Institute (CATI), Nigeria.

He is also has a bible training institute where people are trained and equipped for ministry. Reverend Gideon Odoma is also the Director of Mamre Christian Institute (MCI). MCI is an initiative of Fortress ministry for training and certifying students on an intensive 2-weeks bible study. MCI focuses on courses such as apologetics, doctrine, missions, spiritual disciplines and theology.
No man rises in ministry without being mentored by another. The Church is a living organism that has many parts. Reverend Gideon Odoma has a good brotherhood with Apostle Osayi as they attended the same secondary School and have been long time friends. Reverend Gideon Odoma has also received mentorship from Reverend Segun Adeyinmi Olugbemi,  Apostle Ele Adejoh, Late Reverend Ravis Zacharias and host of others. As a man under authority, Reverend Gideon Odoma's spiritual father is Pastor Ameh Amana, the lead Pastor of the Gospel International ministry Ugwolawo, Kogi state. According to Reverend Gideon Odoma, he acknowledged and described Pastor Ameh Amana as a critical voice in his life and ministry for about three decades now.

Biography of Reverend Gideon Ekele Odoma

Biography of Reverend Gideon Ekele Odoma

Reverend Gideon Odoma is married to Mrs Hassanah Odoma. They got married on 28th June, 2008. The family is currently blessed with three children - Tehiilla (June 17th), Duke and Asher Odoma (June 24th).

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Reverend Gideon Odoma audio messages download are free. You cannot afford to miss his teaching. Some of Rev. Gideon Odoma sermons are in conference and his ministry teaching. A page on our website has the compiled audio messages of Rev. Gideon Odoma. Click the link below to visit the page and download your choice message.

Apostle Gideon Odoma is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X and LinkedIn.

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