Christian Drama: Dwellers in His Presence

Nigerian Christian Corpers' Fellowship (NCCF Ebonyi State Chapter)
Epistle Unit
Title: Dwellers in His Presence
Text: Psalm 24:3-6, Psalm 91:1


Herbalist Jantele: Bro Samuel Adekunle (GDD)
Lagelu (apprentice): Bro Dayo (G-Elder)
Konge: Bro Matthew (G-Firstborn)
King: Bro David (Issachar Papae)
Jide: Olorunfemi Stanley 
Dwellers in the king's presence: Sister Mercy, Sister Juliana, Brother Shalom, Bro Joel, Sister Mariam, Sister Chioma, Bro Prince, and Bro Victor)


Light: Sister Rachael
Sound: Sister Eniola Ruth (ADD) and Bro Kingsley
Stage Manager: Bro Joel
Costume: Sis Mercy and Sis Rachael
Makeup: Sis Chioma, Bro Kingsley and Bro Nelson
Curtains: Bro Ebiye, Bro Shalom (ATOS) and Bro Ayodele Adeniyi,
Photography/Videography: Bro Adeniyi (Publo)
Directors: Bro Ayotola Oluseye and Bro. Ope (G Brother's Prayo)

Scene 1

(Stage opens to show a herbalist and his apprentice. The herbalist is holding a picture, reciting some incantations and calling upon the name of a man)

Herbalist: I am Jantele the high and mighty one! (Reciting Incantations to hail himself before he picks up a picture earlier given to him by his client…) See this finished man. You do not dwell in the presence of your so called God, yet you dare question my son? You have messed up with the wrong man. You don't know who you're dealing with. I'm backing him up with all of my spiritual powers. (Pointing at his gods) See, the gods of my fathers and forefathers… the gods of my mothers are alive. I will frustrate your life…. I will inflict you in bits and kill you with the spirit of drunkenness.  (Chants incantations and faces Lagelu, his apprentice)...

Lagelu! Bring that calabash here.

(He collects the calabash from Jide, faces the mirror and proceeds to call out loudly)

 "Jide! Jide oh! Jide oh!"

(Curtain closes and reopens with Jide now on stage with an evil spirit standing still beside him. Jide is saying gibberish because he's drunk and is lying under the table.

Herbalist: Konge! The god of my ancestors! Thou Thousand spirit of drunkenness that makes a man useless, you are doing a great job. How many bottles has this man taken today?

Konge: just three bottles sir (laughs hysterically). He is currently on the fourth bottle and according to my timetable, he has sixteen more bottles to go.

Herbalist: (laughs). Well done great spirit. Show him what it means to be oppressed. Show him what it means to be defeated. He is fighting a battle he cannot win. Ensure that he finds no reason to go back to the presence of His so called God. That way, we can oppress him till he gets to hell.

Konge: Yes, I will. Just ensure that you do the usual sacrifice this year. I have duly served your forefathers because they have stayed in my presence with due worship every year. (Jide begins to snore) If you continue to do the same thing, I will serve you diligently even till the end of time. (Points at Jide) As for this man - see how he's snoring (laughs), he is completely finished. I will deal ruthlessly with him and I will personally escort him to hell.

Herbalist: Thank you, Thousand spirit of drunkenness. You have made my job easy. Thank you (chants further incantations, hailing himself and the spirit while the spirit laughs loudly in response. Curtain closes)

Scene 2
(The King of Glory is seen on stage with  the brethren who are constantly dwelling in his presence)

King: He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High God shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty! Like these ones (pointing to the dwellers in the presence) who constantly dwell here, there's so much benefit for them. For one, they are close to the source and they can never run dry. See them faithfully laying at the master's feet in great obedience to God's will. 

(Stands up fiercely) These are the real "mumus for Jesus" choosing to do nothing else but stay in His presence. They choose nothing else but to dwell in the presence of the Almighty and therein, they find their rewards…(Quotes Psalm 91:1 again)

For as many that will call upon the name of the Lord, they will find safety. For as many who will dwell in the secret place of the Most High, they will remain covered under the shadow of the Almighty. For as many who will stay, they will get the reward of staying.

(Curtain closes)

Scene 3

(Brother Jide is seen frantically searching across the stage for the presence of God)

Jide: Oh God! Where are you? … (Keeps searching...) Is it under this chair? Or behind this pillar? Where Lord? (Crying loudly) Where? I know there are contentions against my soul but I believe you Lord Jesus… I know I have not been close, I come with boldness and meekness in my heart to the throne of mercy to obtain mercy and receive grace. The devil wants to make me useless, drawing me back each day to a life of drunkenness and sin. See (points at his stomach), the devil has put a calabash in my stomach and makes sure that it never gets filled with palm wine…

I have found only you to be the one with whom I can be naked and not ashamed. I will wait and stay here Lord. I will stay with you I'm not letting go until my life becomes the life that you want. I will stay with you in prayer and study of the word. I will stay with your instructions and leadings. I will stay with your directions and dealings. I will stay with the burdens you have place on my heart…

(Keeps crying and praying till the lights go off and curtain closes)


  • I look to Yahweh, Yahweh, my hope is Yahweh
  • Awon alade won Yi o ka…
  • Help me to stay with my lover… do not leave me halfway…

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