Christian Drama: The Journey

Old Man: It's almost day break. See the dawn just ahead of them. Their sorrows will soon fade away and their tears will dry up because indeed, joy comes in the morning. The thick cloud is running back into its abode... I can smell the chosen and beloved sons of God. I can see the daughters of the most High from afar. They are close by. They must have been tired and weak by now... Well… (he continues) their place of rest is ready. Their food is set. They will eat and drink to their full for the greater journey ahead…  It's just a little while. If only they will endure and hold on for the next one year, they will burst forth into the light of day.
(A very loud sound (horn) is heard, like the trumpet call sound)
Old Woman: They are coming in their numbers! Can you hear the sound? Can you see them coming? They're here again (they both looked at themselves joyfully) Wow look at them
(5 young travelers enter the stage looking so tired and weak)
Welcome! How was the journey? Hope you weren't hurt??
Traveller 1: Haa! There was a mighty wind, and a great storm but we saw a mighty hand walk through the pathway with us. It was a supernatural experience and, at least, we're glad we have landed safely.
Old Man: That's true. That mighty hand is the hand of God. Now that you're here, I welcome you in the name of the great monarch of Zion. In the storehouse over there, your kits are ready for the real labour. Over there (points at the far end) there is a table is set for you to dine. You are to rest well, eat well and get ready for the next level.
Traveller 2: (Complaining) Haaa! Next level ke? Me I'm not ready to do anything oh. This my one year here is just for me, myself and I. I have my plans set. I have my goals and dreams to pursue… Abeg baba. I no dey oooh. I cannot go through that much in the last phase of my life and then come through another round. That will be too much for me.
Traveller 3: Why are you saying this now? didn't you tell me you're not going to complain about the assignment ahead of us, have you forgotten all that we encountered on the way?
Traveller 2: My friend, I had a rethink oh. It's my decision and no one can force me into anything… 
Traveler 4: (Cuts in) Well, as for me, I'm more concerned with money in this next phase. I have calculated my Allowee for the next 12 months and I want to start a small business, scale it with time and become a big businessman.

Old man: Young man, this is the quarry site you have been chosen for. It's the place of making, where your lives will be shaped, sharpened and remolded. Remember that the earnest expectation of creation awaits your manifestation as sons of God. 
Traveller 1: Hmm… I knew it right from the beginning of this journey that what is ahead of me will be a stepping stone to the purpose of God upon my life.
I'm ready to wait and face the process. I am ready to work with other faithful brethren in this quarry site. I'll make the master proud as He works in me both to will and to do of His pleasure.
Traveller 4: Looking at it closely, I  changed my mind in the course of this journey and I didn't tell anyone because I thought that if we struggled so much on the road, how much more battles would we face on the site?

I guess I have misunderstood the whole matter. I don't know if I can still realign myself back ooo. My ambition to become a businessman has overwhelmed me. Are you sure I've not made the biggest mistake of my life like this?
Traveller 5: It's the same with both of us oooh. Who will help us get back to this site? Old one, do you? can you help us??
Old Man: Hmmm… Many love the end results but not all are willing to face the process of getting there. Thank God for your sincerity, and I'm happy to tell you that there's a way out for you. You can make adjustments tonight because tomorrow may be too late…

Tomorrow morning, we're launching the ready ones into the site… You simply need to follow me if you're ready.
(4 Travellers followed him after much contemplation)

(The last traveller sits down and counts the cost, stands up and follows them after a while)

This drama ministration was first shown on stage at the Nigerian Christian Corpers' Fellowship (NCCF) Ebonyi State Chapter

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