God is the Real Deal

There's something I've observed. We speak of it consistently and subtly pass the message that it is what it is not. Daily, I see people post about it on their statuses, mostly with memes or contents that are aimed at sounding as though it's the reason we are living. If you ask me, I think we have taken this thing out of proportion or rather have misplaced priorities.

I'm talking about romantic relationships. Being the relationship enthusiast that I am, I love, love. I love romantic relationships. Godly ones especially. I do. But I don't see it as the reason for one's existence. Or that one's life hasn't found meaning if one hasn't found a human who wants to date one. That's wrong. But I've seen memes, tweets, videos and other contents subtly insinuating this. These days, I've been seeing it so much that it has made me wonder how we think relationship is the goal for our lives. So where does God stand? 

This post will make sense to anyone who sees God as their Father and the One who put life in them. It is my belief that God does not do anything for me. He does all He does for Himself. So if He ever allows me to go into a relationship, it's not because that's the purpose for which He created me. No. Rather, it's because someway, somehow, my romantic relationship will build me towards becoming more like Him.

The reason we live is God actually. Our lives are in the palm of His hands and He turns them like water course. God is our controller. It's in Him that all things consist. Scripture tells me all my days are written in His book. It means He's aware of all that my life should be. So a relationship is not the real deal. It's merely a means to make me look like the Person who owns me. Period.

Agreed, there are lovely sides to be in a relationship. Yes, God derives pleasure in seeing His people happy. But this does not mean a relationship is the reason we were made. Let's not turn God's medium into an idol. We were made for God, not for man. If God ever gives us a man (general term for both genders), it's because somehow, association with such a man will make us more like Him.

When God needs us to get better through romantic relationships, He'd make it happen. All this desperation to be with someone at all cost is not necessary. If anything, then it's a proof that we have displaced God from being the centre of our lives and it's someone else that now occupies that space. That's idolatry, if not adultery.

Relationship is not the real deal. God is!

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