How to Deal with Trust Issues in Friendships

Dealing with Trust Issues in Friendships 
1st Samuel 18:3-4, 2nd Samuel 9:1

Trust is total confidence in a man and his abilities.

Jonathan would have decided to hate David because of his stake on the throne, but he defended trust in his friend over this father. It is an unwise decision to be against a man whom God is for.

1. Be Spiritually discerning. 

Jonathan was spiritual Enough to discern David's royalty so he didn't need to fight it

2. Build Interpersonal Relationship Skills

Biulding Interpersonal relationship skill will help you build tangible friendships

3. Learn the art of Communication

Communicate Effectively with your friends. David communicated with Saul and still maintained honour for the king despite the fact that he was after his life.

4. Find a proof of Trust

David remembered Jonathan when he became king. The proof of trust was to keep Jonathan's request even after his death.

5. Deliberately avoid enemity

King Saul wanted to come in between the friendship between David and Saul. and even when David had the opportunity to kill Saul, he didn't. He deliberately avoided enemity and did not allow anything come in between himself and Jonathan.

6. Understand God and His will for your friendship

Fear and Revere God in your friendship like David did - Proverbs 9:10

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